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Is There Anything Too Hard for God?


Sermon shared by David Hallum

August 2001
Summary: When things are too hard for men, they are just right for God!
Denomination: Baptist
Audience: General adults
I. Things Get Too Hard for King Zedekiah vv. 1-15
A. The King of Babylon is besieging the city.
1. The King’s counselors are legion.
2. Some are telling him to fight.
3. Some are telling him to pay Nebuchadnezzar to leave.
4. Some (Jeremiah) are counseling him to throw in the towel.
B. The prophet of God is in jail.
1. Zedekiah thinks that Jeremiah is inciting insurrection.
2. He refuses to realize that Jeremiah is speaking the Word of God.
C. Zedekiah hears that he will lose.
1. Not only will he lose Jerusalem, but he will go into Babylonian captivity.
2. He will not escape the Hand of God or the hand of Nebuchanezzar.
3. Things are too hard for Zedekiah, but not too hard for God.
II. Things Get Too Hard for Jeremiah vv. 16-25
A. Jeremiah is in jail.
B. God has blown Jeremiah’s mind.
1. On the eve of destruction, Jeremiah is instructed to purchase land in Israel.
2. No one is going to be living on the land for the next 70 years.
C. Why does God want Jeremiah to buy the land?
1. God is proving a point to Jeremiah.
2. God is proving a point to Judah.
3. God is proving a point to Jerusalem.
D. Things are going to go on, even though Judah has been removed.
E. Things are too hard for Jeremiah, but not too hard for God.
III. Things Get Too Hard for God? Never! vv. 26-44
A. Things God is going to do
1. Remove Jerusalem from sight 31
2. Bringing the the sword, famine, and pestilence 36
3. Gather and return His people to their land 37
B. Things the Babylonians are going to do
1. Burn Jerusalem 29
2. Take captives to Babylon
C. Things the Jews are going to do
1. Provoke God to anger 30
2. Turn their backs on God 33
3. Defiled the Temple 34
4. Committed Idolatry 35
5. They shall be my people, and I will be their God. 38
6. I will give them one heart and one way 39
7. Commerce will resume 44
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