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INTRO: Tell of the greatness of God in creation. 1st day - light; * 2nd day - God divided the
waters under the firmament from the waters above the firmament and called it heaven.
* 3rd day - Dry land (earth), grass, herb, fruit trees. * 4th day - divided the day & night.
* 5th day - all living creatures. * 6th day - man. * Rested the 7th day.
* This same God holds the world in His hands. * The weight of the earth is 6.6 sextillion tons.
* That is 6,6 with twenty "0ís" on the end of it. * My God is awesome.
* He keeps up with everything! Pr.15:3 "The eyes of the Lord are in every place ................"
* God is the One Who keeps everything under control. * This same God keeps the water at the
ocean from drowning the land. * He keeps everything in place on the earth as it spins over
1000 miles per hour and moves around the sun at 66,600 MPH.
* If God is able to do all these things, isnít He able to deliver?
* Letís ask some in the Bible this same question!

(1) DANIEL IN OUR TEXT! * Darius set 120 men or princes over his kingdom.
* And over these 120 were 3 presidents of whom Daniel was first.
A) He was preferred because an excellent spirit was upon him. (6:3)
* The princes and presidents sought to find fault with Daniel, but the only fault .....prayed....
B) So they go to the king (vs.7). * In vs.10, Daniel knew that the writing was signed, but he
still prayed. * So these men kept watch on Daniel & they saw & heard him pray again.
* They go back to the king (vs.12-13) * The king told Daniel, "Your God will deliver you."
C) In vs.18, the king couldnít sleep that night. * He arose the next morning and went to the
den of lions & said with a weeping voice, (vs.20) "O Daniel, servant of the ................"
* Perhaps Daniel didnít here him the 1st time, so the king said again, "O Daniel, .........."
D) Daniel yawns real big and answers in vs.21-22.
* Now, look what happens to those who undermined Daniel in vs.24!
* Is thy God able to deliver Daniel? YES; My God is able to deliver!

(2) ASK MOSES! * Moses was sent by God to do a job. * Pharaoh had Godís people as
slaves. * They cried for deliverance daily. * Moses went to give the message to Pharaoh.
A) Pharaoh wouldnít take heed to the message from God, so God had to send His wrath.
* Water to blood (magicians) * Frogs in the house * Lice-man and beast (magicians couldnít)
B) Swarms of flies * Bad sickness on the cattle (grievous murrain), all cattle died except for
the Israeliteís cattle.
* Ashes of furnace became small dust and made terrible blisters on man and beast.
* Boils came upon all the Egyptians.
C) Pestilence * Grievous hail and fire ran along the ground.
* Locusts were so many you couldnít see the earth. * Thick darkness in all of Egypt. (Illus.)
D) The first born died. * Not one house in Egypt where death did not come.
* Pharaoh finally let Godís people go! * But he