A theological college in the United States ..... invited to their annual conference, ..... a renowned professor as their ..... guest lecturer.

He spoke for two and one-half hours ..... "establishing proofs" ..... that the resurrection of Jesus .... never took place.

The professor quoted scholar after scholar and book after book.

He concluded that since there was no such thing as.... the historical resurrection, ..... the religious tradition of the church .... was groundless.

It was all emotional mumbo-jumbo, ..... because it was based on a relationship with a risen Jesus, who, in fact, ...... never rose from the dead in any literal sense.

After this verbal dissertation he moved back from the lectern and asked if there were any questions.

After about 30 seconds, ..... an elderly pastor with a head of woolly white hair ...... stood up in the back of the auditorium.

"Doctor Professor,.... I have one question", he said ..... as all eyes turned toward him.

He reached into his sack lunch .... and pulled out an apple and began eating it.

CRUNCH, "My question is a simple question",....CRUNCH, ...... "Now, I have never read those books you've read"...CRUNCH,... "And I can't recite the Scriptures in the original Greek"...CRUNCH,... "I know nothing' about Niebuhr and Heidegger"....CRUNCH, ...He finished the apple. "

All I want to know is: ..... This apple I just ate------was it bitter or was it sweet?"

The professor paused for a moment and answered in a scholarly fashion: ..... "I cannot possibly answer that question, .... for I haven't tasted your apple".

The elderly preacher dropped the core of his apple into his crumpled paper bag, ..... looked up at the professor and said calmly, .... "Neither have you tasted .... my Jesus."

The 1,000 plus in attendance could not contain themselves; ..... the auditorium erupted with applause and cheers.
The professor thanked his audience and promptly left the platform. (Pause)

Beloved..... (Slow) It is all about Jesus, ...... It is all about Jesus this morning (evening) and every morning (evening). (Pause)

Hear Paul's Words to us today: BIBLE "For he has rescued us from the power of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of his beloved Son". END

The Colossians were well taught by Epaphras a faithful minister of Christ (v7) but it became clear to Epaphres that the Colossian Church was having problems with false teaching.

These problems were shared with Paul ...... thus came the letter ..... to the Colossians.

These false teachers were extremely confused about Creation ..... and the physical realm.

These false teachers insisted that all matter was evil, .... including the human body.

They taught that Jesus Christ did not have a real body ..... since this would have put Him in contact with evil matter.

The results of these false teachings were tragic, .... including extreme self-denial and austerity ....on the one hand ...... to unbridled
I hope I am saying that God will forgive those who have repented and have asked for forgiveness. Though in my own life I have found that to continue to be conformed and/or transformed into the image of Christ I need to forgive others even when they do not ask for forgiveness. It is very difficult for me at times but there is such healing in my spirit when I head to the Authority of the Scriptures. May our Lord Bless you and send His peace upon you at this very moment. Yours In Christ Jeff

September 9, 2011
I was beaten by my husband horribly. When I reported my case to police authorities.........they drank and ate with him and mocked at me along with him and his parents. And u still say God to have no ill feelings for nay of hem. Law did not punish them. He smiles confidently in the courtroom as if he has bought everyone there and I keep looking at everyone with anxious eyes because I thought maybe now or maybe now u will do something for me. Why God why did u make me............just be slain and insulted in the end?