Deut. 8:1-10
Some of us can remember back to the war that we had with Saddam Hussein in 1991. We did not know all that we had to fight with for some things had not been proven. We found out when he launched 86 Scud missiles towards us. Most of them missed their targets. We had what they called Patriot missiles that were shot up into the air to blow up the missiles he launched. The critics had said that these missiles would not perform in the heat of battle. This missile proved the critics wrong and saved thousands of lives. Many years ago there was another war being waged and it was fought in the wilderness in the Middle East. It featured two global superpowers. For forty days the attack went on with Jesus Christ against the enemy Satan. Satan had his deadly missiles aimed with precision to destroy the mission Christ was set to do. Jesus did not have Patriot missiles but he did have a weapon to defend with. It was the indestructible, everlasting, uncompromising Word of God. When Satan fired his heavy weapon store at Jesus they were met with a power greater than any missile, “It is written.” Jesus defeated with an impact that shook both heaven and hell. Here we are many years later yet Satan still remains and he wants to destroy us and fires his force of temptations at us. He and his demons are out to destroy those who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Have you felt the heat of battle lately? Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon that has been made to be used against you will succeed. You will have an answer for anyone who accuses you. This is the inheritance of the Lord’s servants. Their victory comes from me," declares the Lord.” 2 CO. 10:4 “The weapons we use in our fight are not made by humans. Rather, they are powerful weapons from God.” I know that we are in an intense battle spiritually. When I talk with people about their commitment to the Lord and His church there seems to be little response that they want to be involved. The excitement level seems to be low these days with a “who cares attitude.” Could it be that we live in defeat because we do not know the Word to blow up the incoming threats of the devil? How did Jesus use the Word of God and why did He think it was the weapon that would be effective in this war? Let us remember that Jesus had been without food for forty days and it could have entered his thinking that He could serve God better if He had a full stomach. He chooses rather to live by the spiritual bread, The Word of God, than depending on physical strength of food. When we are in a war it is not a time to experiment with weapons that will not do the job. Let us discover what Jesus believed about the Word of God and its power for us today.
I. JESUS BELIEVED THE BIBLE IS GOD’S WORD. He believed that all that is contained in this book is of Divine inspiration. Though we know that humans were used to write this book they were under the direct influence of the Holy Spirit. Other books that