word of God could not come from sinful men and be without error. Consider the birth of Jesus. He was born to a sinful woman but was pure in all His actions and words. IV. JESUS BELIEVED THAT THE BIBLE WOULD NEVER FAIL. A WORD WE COULD USE HERE IS INFALLIBLE, perfect, dependable and reliable. Every promise in the Bible has been or will be fulfilled. All the prophecy will come to pass. Every judgment will come All truth will be correct. All that the Bible says will happen will happen. Nothing in this book will be deleted. Men may try to destroy it or criticize it but man is no match for God’s Word. Jesus even declared at one time, “It would be easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for the least of the Bible to fail.” Every detail in Christ’s life that had been written before He came was fulfilled in His life here on earth just as it was written. If one rejects the Bible he is rejecting Christ. Voltaire and atheist said the Bible would not last within 25 years. He is dead and the Bible is still alive. The fact is that forty years after he died they used his very house to print Bibles from.
V. JESUS BELIEVED THE BIBLE IS THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY. The Word of God is mandatory in our lives. He said, “It is written.” The Bible is to be followed and obeyed and never questioned or challenged. It contains the commandments of God not suggestions for living. It gives us divine commands for living that is acceptable to God.
VI. JESUS BELIEVED THAT THE BIBLE IS HISTORICALLY TRUE. All the events and persons in the Old Testament were real and true. If you were t o pick out only four stories from the O. T. in which the skeptics would most ridicule do you know which ones t hey would be? The creation of Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood, Sodom and Gomorrah and Jonah and the great fish. What did Jesus have to say about them? On one accession he was being questioned by the Pharisees and He built His entire defense on the record of Adam and Eve. MT 19:4 "Haven’t you read that the Creator made them male and female in the beginning” Jesus believed this was history not a myth. Many do not want to believe in the flood because it points out what sin can do to a world. Jesus when talking about His second coming made it clear He believed the Flood was very real and the people of Noah’s were very wicked. MT 24:37-39. Jesus stated there was a flood and all that were not on the ark were swept away and lost their lives. This was history not a myth. Jesus also talked about his second coming in reference to Sodom and Gomorrah. LK 17:28-30. Many are about eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting, building and giving no thought about God today. It is history not a myth Jesus related to Jonah and the great fish in talking about His resurrection. MT 12:38-40. Jesus did not just allude to these stories but declared them to be facts