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Three Kings not to mention all their armies, and animals found themselves in a desperate situation (they had went seven days in the wilderness and they had no water).
This is a dilemma: water is a necessity of life, itís not an extra or luxury itís necessary to sustain life.
Without it you die.
*The King of Israel starts blaming God for their dilemma (it was his fault not Gods).

This King was a bad influence:
Sometimes the biggest problem we have is our friendship circle (wrong associations).
You need to refine your friendship circle and eliminate all the whiners and complainers (sift out all the doubters and pouters).
Have a deliverance service and deliver yourself from people with no vision and no passion who spend all their time wallowing in self-pity.

*Wrong associations will kill you, they will kill your joy, kill your vision, kill your passion, and kill your faith.

*If it hadnít been for King Jehoshaphat who knew the power of a word from God they would have all died in the wilderness.

(He asked is there not a prophet here that we may inquire of the Lord).

Jehoshaphat knew: one word from God can change everything.

There was an old cigarette commercial when I was growing up that said: Iíd walk a mile for a Camel.

You need to surround yourself with people that would walk a mile or 5 miles 10 miles to hear a word from God, because they know one word from God can change your world.

*I was in a service where a prophet was ministering one night, and a young couple walked in (they were pastors) they drove 24 hours straight through to hear a word from the man of God.
He spoke a couple of sentences to them and they got back in their car and drove 24 hours back home and took action on that word and walked out of their dilemma into the blessings and the provisions of God because of one word from God.

Iím prophesying that tonight somebody is taking action on the word from God that is going to break the drought and shift you into abundance and overflow, shift you into a new season.

This is your night for a breakthrough, for a turnaround.

Make this valley full of ditches (not exactly the word you want to hear when youíre in the middle of a desert dying of thirst) make this valley full of ditches.

If you have ever dug ditches then you know itís hard work. And itís especially difficult when the ground is hard and dry.
Here they were in a wilderness, a dry, desert valley place, a low place.

And in this place, this low dry desert place, the word of the Lord says dig ditches.

It was hard slow and difficult work (no doubt their hands were bleeding their backs were sore, their arms were aching their shoulders were aching and to top it all off, their thirst was becoming unbearable).

Iím talking to some people right now who have been in that same place: that low dry place everything is hard, itís difficult, it takes a great amount of effort.

You have to force yourself to praise the Lord.
You have to force
Steven Hotinger
July 1, 2011
What a powerful word from God! Thank you Bro. Terry for obeying the Lord and telling it like it is.
Gregory Tayi
January 27, 2011
This is for me. God bless you
Thank you Brother Terry!