bit in each vessel, fill up each vessel one at a time, and donít stop till itís full.
Fill it up before you start on another one.

One of the reasons some of Gods people are still having lust problems is theyíre not full yet, you still want to go places Christians shouldnít go, watch things Christians shouldnít watch and listen to things Christians shouldnít listen to.
Because your not full, I didnít say you werenít touched, and blessed, I didnít say that you didnít fall out and shake all over the place, I didnít say that you didnít speak in tongues, I just said youíre not full.

When your full you go into a different category, (Set aside that which is full).

When your full you go into the ready for use category.

Lu 24:49 Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until ye be endued with power from on high.
Acts 2: and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost

When God is looking for someone to send to Africa he looks in the full category, when he is looking for someone to send into the prisons and preach deliverance to the captives he looks in the full category.
When God is looking to promote someone, and elevate them and increase their sphere of influence he looks in the full category.

Are you full yet?
Donít stop till your full

One of the problems we have in the church is we have too many Christians who have the burl cream religion.
For those who may be too young to know what Iím talking about, burl cream is a hair dressing to hold your hair in place, and the slogan for it was (burl cream, a little dabíll do yaí)
We have too many Christians who have the little dabíll do me mentality.

Theyíre satisfied with just a touch, satisfied to be blessed, they want just enough to make them happy but not enough to make them live holy separated consecrated lives.
But I read in the bible that Our God is a consuming fire, and he doesnít just want to touch you or bless you he wants to consume you.
He wants to walk through your feet, touch through your hands, speak through your lips.

When you get full youíll walk different, youíll talk different, youíll sing different, youíll preach different, youíll pray different, youíll dress different.
When you get full of the Holy Ghost it will affect every part of your life.

When you get full your radio station will change, your television channel will change, your associations will change.

Ever so often my cell phone has to be recharged. When I put it on the charger the light flashes red, I know that means (leave me on the charger Iím not ready yet) then after awhile it flashes green, I know that means Iím ready for service now.

Somebody today needs to get back on the charger and wait for the green light from the Holy ghost that says Your full your ready for service.

I hope Iím talking to somebody that wants more than a Sunday morning religion, more than just a weekend blessing, more than a burl cream anointing ( a little dabíll do you).

I wish somebody was desperate for the fire
Nathan Muncy
September 20, 2008
Good sermon,very helpful, thanks for sharing this one with us on Sermon Central
Tom Scarberry of True Believers Fellowship
September 17, 2008
PRAISE GOD Pastor I still have Holy Spirit chills running down my spine. What a powerful God given message that I think we ALL needed to hear. Thank you.
Ed Schoolcraft
September 15, 2008
Excellent sermon, thanks for sharing!