Introduction: What a difference a few days make. This time of the year a few days can make a big difference. It can be 75 or 80 degrees on one day and a couple of days later it could be in the 30ís or 40ís.

On January 19th, 2008 President George W. Bush was the leader of the Free World and arguably one of the most powerful men in the world. But a day later when President Obama was inaugurated George W. Bush got on a plane to TX and like in some of those old black and white westerns Bush flew into the sunset and hasnít been heard from since.

In the case of Jesus a few days made a drastic difference. On Palm Sunday the people of Israel welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem with shouts of Hosanna, and ďBlessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.Ē But only a few days later many of these same people were shouting Ďcrucify him.í

While I was in Seminary I heard Dr. Tony Campolo deliver a sermon entitled ďItís Friday But Sundayís comin.Ē I donít remember much about the sermon except the title. But a few years ago I got on the Internet and actually found it and listened to it again.
To my surprise the Title didnít really have much to do with the main message of the sermon, which dealt the fact that the gospel of Jesus Christ is capable of meeting all of our needs.

The Title of the message came from the closing illustration that Campolo used in the sermon where he tells about preaching in his home church in Philadelpha, Pennsylvania, which by the way is an African American Church. He said He was really preaching his heart out that particular Sunday, and the brothers and sisters were really encouraging him, if you know what I mean.

After he finished preaching Campolo went over and sat down by his pastor and said something like ďbet you canít top thatĒ to which the elderly Black Minister said, ďboy, just look, listen and learn.Ē Campolo said for the next hour and a half his pastor preached one of the best sermons he has ever heard using the recurring phrase ďItís Friday but Sundayís comin.Ē

Well I may not do it justice this morning, but I want to use that phrase as the basis for my message this morning and I assure you it wonít last an hour and a half.

On Friday Things looked bad, really bad!

1. On Friday The Disciples faith was so weak most of them were afraid to show their faces in public.

2. On Friday Pilate delivered Jesus over to the Romans soldiers, who took turns beating, whipping and scourging him unmercifully.

3. On Friday they made him carry his own cross through the streets of Jerusalem and the people who lined the sides of the road cursed and spat on him.

4. On Friday they stripped Jesus of all of his clothing and dignity and nailed him to the cross like a common Criminal.

5. On Friday the Roman soldiers made fun of him and put a sign over his head that said ďThis is Jesus, The King of the Jews.Ē

6. On Friday the sins of the world were weighing heavy on Jesus.

7. On Friday it appeared