There are some who do not completely understand the joy we have in being Christians. A lot of people are like a little boy who went to see his grandfatherÖ.
My friends, God did not save us to let us sit and sour. He expects us too be an example to a lost and dying world of His love. Too many times, people donít want what we have because they see no joy in our lives.
I said it is fun being a Christian, not that it is fun being a church member. That is why we have so many vacant pews. Folk get so mesmerized with ďchurch membershipĒ, so hung up on trying to impress their fellow man that they donít get the joy out of their salvation.
If you will smile sometimes Ė people will wonder what is going on in your life. They will ask you about it. This gives you an opportunity to share the saving power of Christ.
Imagine for a moment if everybody in here were having a good time and were singing. The praise that was leaving our mouth as sweet incense to our Father would be awe-inspiring and the lost person sitting in our misted would want to know why we were so excited. Why did we have so much joy?
Having joy in all circumstances brings so much to your life and helps you be a witness in the lives of others. As your pastor I want you too find joy in everything. So how do we do this? Let me show you three things that will start you on the way too having fun being a Christian.
I. Donít have ďhang upísĒ.
A. Paul and Silas didnít understand everything going on in their lives.
1. They didnít know why they were beaten and thrown into prison.
a) They were minding their own business, walking around and sharing the Gospel of Jesus.
b) They tried to help one little girl that was possessed by an evil spirit and next thing they know they were used as a punching bag and locked away like a rabid dog.
2. Instead of being stuck on what they didnít know, they trusted in what they did know.
a) I can just hear them talkingÖ
(1) ďGod has not let us down yet, so why should we be concerned now?Ē
(2) ďSilas, I know what we can do Ė Letís just praise the Lord.Ē
(3) ďPaul, while you pray Iím going to sing.Ē
B. We donít know everything.
1. We get upset when things happen that we donít understand.
a) We want answers and quite frankly sometimes there is none.
b) We want everything to be explained down to the last I dotted and t crossed.
2. We let things get us hung up, until we canít have fun.
a) If you donít understand what God is saying in Revelation get back over in Matthew where you do understand and where God can bless you.
b) If you donít understand why someone has done you a certain way, go back to what God has done for you and celebrate.
c) Make people think you are crazy.
II. Donít let your circumstances dictate your attitude.
A. Paul and Silas faced some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable.
1. You think you have problems, look at Paul and Silas.
a) They were falsely accused, arrested, and imprisoned.
b) They were beaten, shackled and put in