Itís Good To Know When Itís Time To Change
1/04/2009 Kings, 22:1-20 1 Corinthians 11:27-32

Have you ever had the situation in which your mother told you to stop doing something, but you kept on doing it. Then she told you to stop doing it again, but her voice had changed and you didnít notice the change, and you wish you had of noticed it. Itís good to know when itís time to change. Itís good to know when your boss means it when he says if youíre late one more time, youíll be gone. Itís good to know when somebody means it when he or she says, the next time you do such and such, Now you may have been doing it for a long time, but as far as this person is concerned itís time for you to change. Itís good for you to know the person means business.

Each hurricane season, there is someone who does not believe this storm is going to be big enough for them to have to leave their home regardless of how many times they are asked to evacuate. They will say in a minute, ďI have always stayed right here at home even when others left.Ē Each year someone goes home to be with the Lord because he or she didnít know when to change by leaving what they thought was a safe spot.

Have you ever been in a situation in your own life, where you didnít make a change when you should have, and it has cost you dearly? Sometimes people may have even come up to you and suggested that you change, take a different course of action, let that person go, move out the house, go back to school, but for one reason or another, you decided not to make the change. The only problem is, you know now that you have missed out on an opportunity that could really have made a difference in your life. Itís good to know when itís time to change.
Sometimes you may be in an argument with another person, and youíre convinced youíve got all the evidence on your side. The only thing is, your evidence is based on your point of view and what you think another personís motive is in the situation. If youíre wrong about their true motive, your evidence is worthless. Itís good to know when itís time to change your position in a disagreement with someone else. Itís amazing how if we ask God to truly allow us to see something from the other personís perspective, we discover weíre not as right as we thought we were.
Not knowing when to change can cause a lot of pain and heartache that could have been avoided. The good news is that Jesus Christ can still help you to make the changes you need, to get back charge of your life.

Sometimes, we need to make a change, and we do not know it. We can be deceived by all the good things that are going on around us and think that itís going to last forever. But in reality the world around us is changing, circumstances are changing, and we ourselves are changing. Change is an inevitable part of life. We have to make choices everyday, and the choices we make today are going to affect us for a