Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
I came to prophesy to someone Like this man at the pool of Bethesda, youíve been overlooked, crowded out, passed over, outran and pushed out.
But youíre getting ready to get in.

Youíve been like this man, youíve been looking at it, dreaming about it, talking about it, and singing about it ( but youíre getting ready to get it).

I can imagine this man staring at the water, watching for the slightest ripple, saying to himself. ( donít miss it this time) for hours and days and weeks, months, and years he watches the water then for a minute he dozes off, or something caught his attention and he misses it.

Shouts ring out as a once lame man cries out I can walk I can walk. His heart sinks as he realizes (I missed it again, somebody got ahead of me again).

Iím talking to someone today who has watched other people get blessed, get healed, get promoted, get their new car. And it looks to you from all natural evidence that it will never be you.
But the Lord said to tell you, itís coming ( Be not weary in well doing for in due season you shall reap if you faint not).

The Lord said to tell you to take the limits off him, donít restrict him to past methods or past experiences or past manifestations.

He says: Behold I will do a new thing

For years the sick the afflicted, the feeble would come to this pool and wait for a move of the water, but on this particular day God chose to move in a new way.

Jesus stood in front of this man (Jesus the word, Jesus who is health and healing, and blessing and prosperity).
Jesus who is the full manifestation of everything he ever dreamed of is standing right in front of this man.

Yet the impotent mans mind is still on the pool (He could believe for his miracle, his breakthrough, but he couldnít see beyond past glory.

God is bigger than that.

Yes Gods spirit was in the pool, but the pool was not God.

(God is bigger than the last method he used) For one blind man he touched his eyes and said according to your faith be it unto you, for another blind man Jesus spit in the dirt and made mud and rubbed it on his eyes.

This man almost missed his miracle because his faith was still attached to the pool, he was expecting his miracle to come in the water
He almost missed his miracle because it didnít come in the way he expected it.

When you need a miracle from God you have to give God the latitude to use whatever means he desires to get it to you.
If you are not careful you can miss the glory, the blessing, the miracle you need simply because it doesnít come in the package you expected.

Remember God can use a dirty bird to bless you, God used a raven to feed his prophet Elijah.
Some of you: If God was to send your blessing by raven express, youíd shoot the raven before the blessing got to you.

There are some folk that are so caught up on king James pronunciation that if a prophecy comes to them and itís not in King James English they wonít receive it.

Many times itís not the devil