The Bible records that there was none like King Hezekiah in all the Kings that Judah had King Hezekiah was known as a good king. The history books records that he did good in the sight of the Lord. The book of 2 Kings tells us that he clung to the Lord and kept his commandments and that the Lord was with him and wherever he went he prospered. His father was King Ahaz and his motherís name was Abi. When he father passed away he become the King of Judah at the tender age of 25 years old and he ruled for 29 years. When he took over as King he inherited a mess. In the Old Testament there are eight great revivals recorded where each leader recognized their nationís spiritual dryness. King Hezekiah performed one of those great revivals and brought the nation back into obedience to GOD and he restored order in the Church. He reopened the temple doors (The doors of the Church). He re-instated priest to their duties, he organized an orchestra to aid in worship, he destroyed the idols that the nation was worshipping and re-instated the celebration of the Passover.
As great of a King Hezekiah was the Bible declares that he was sick unto death. Because of our fear of death and sickness we will take extreme measure to avoid death. We start to say Lord I have been doing everything that you want me to do. I have been going to Bible Study, and Church on Sunday Morning, I have been singing in the choir, why I am going through this.

We donít have to understand everything that GOD does but we have to understand that he is in control. (Repeat)

We learned a couple of weeks ago in 2 Chronicles when Jehoshaphat was in trouble he prayed to GOD to deliver him from his enemies. The prophet said do not fear or be dismayed for the battle is not yours but it belongs to GOD. Then it says that there eyes were watching GOD. Sometimes our eyes get fixated on everything else but GOD.

When King Hezekiah was in trouble he turned to the Lord. GOD is still answering prayers today like he did for King Hezekiah.
Someone said that you have to P.U.S.H. pray until something happens. Even when you have done wrong GOD still loves you. Push your way into the very presence of GOD and ask him for what you want.
Look at your neighbor and tell them itís not over until GOD says itís over.

If you want an unusual blessing then you should sow and unusual seed. If you want a crazy breakthrough then sow a crazy type of seed.

I stand as a witness this morning to make a decree that itís not over until GOD says itís over. When you face impossibility, when you face a challenge, when you face something thatís too big for you thatís GOD opportunity to perform a miracle and do the impossible. Itís time for signs and wonders.

By the mercies of GOD I stopped by on my way to have to declare that you be loosed from whatever holds you bound, be loosed from your sickness be loosed from your depression, be loosed from your limiting beliefs, be loosed from your financial burdens. Whatsoever