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Itís Show Time
Introduction: Ever feel like God has left you fighting alone? Ever wonder why God allows so many battles and struggles into your life? Ever wonder if God really even cares about you? God does care - thatís the reason for your battles and struggles. God allows these things into our lives in order to bring us to a place of total dependence on His power and provision. Trials and testings are really times of teaching. When these times come, we must learn to turn our trust and dependence totally upon God. God prepares and equips us for these battles! We must learn to rely completely on Him.
Iím reminded of a character in the Bible by the name of Elijah. God brought Elijah on the scene from nowhere. God took this man and trained him. Training came in the form of trials and testings. He trained him to to quit relying on his own power and might and learn to trust completely upon Godís power. Understand, we as humans are hardheaded; we donít pick up on new things real fast. It takes some of us even longer than others. But after a while we begin to see the light. I just canít do this in my own power and might. Whatever you are facing in your life right now, you canít defeat it under your own power. You need Godís power to become a complete overcomer!
God had a purpose and plan for this man Elijah. God has a purpose and plan for everyone of you. God spent a great deal of time bringing Elijah to where he needed to be. God eventually took this nobody and made a somebody out of him. God sent Elijah to a face-off with a corrupt king and used him to strike fear in the hearts of a godless people. This is where we pick up our story. Itís show time!!!
Text: I Kings 18:16-40
All the training, all the trial, and all the trusting now bring Elijah to the place where he can stand in the pure power of God and show this lost nation that God Almighty, not Baal or any other false god, was the Lord of all. I Kings 19:18 tells us that the entire nation of Israel, with the exception of 7000 faithful people had given themselves over to the worship of Baal. The royal family had given themselves over to worshipping these false gods. But God did not forget His investment in this people. He did not forget how He had selected them out of all the other peoples of the world and set them apart as His people. He didnít forget how He brought them out of Egypt and led them through the wilderness. He didnít forget the land He gave them. He didnít forget the Law and the promises He gave them. He never forgot for an instant that they were His people and that He had a special plan for them.
God never forgets the investment He made in you. He gave His Son, Jesus, for you. It cost God everything to bring you back to Him. He will never give up on you. Donít ever accuse God of walking off and leaving you behind. God never does such a thing. If anyone walked off, it was you and me!
God called Elijah, He trained Him, and groomed Him, all in preparation for this