Elder M. Edmunds
Co-Pastor of United Ordained Church
January 2003

The purpose of my thought and intention today is to convey the significance of the moment or occasion we as a people of God have embarked upon. It is an occasion of opportunity, a point of entering, a moment of possessing or a time of tacking hold of. Therefore, to seize this opportunity “It’s Time to Move forward” into the blessings of God that is set before us without reservation.
Now is the time we must move. “For a great door and effectual is opened unto (us).” The best that God is offering us is now made assessable by faith.
For that reason, as we examine our text before us, our concentration is not solely on the result of Israel’s unbelief and the consequence of not moving forward, but the timing or occasion that were presented divinely for them to move forward into the vision and awaited promise.
For we, the universal church is cognizant by the revelation of God’s wisdom what effect it has or the consequence it carries when we don’t take God by His word. Many of us now reside in the state of postponement of the promise or delay due to our disobedience. Therefore, allow this text to become a word of caution and an occasion to get yourself together so that you will be able to move into the blessings of God while this “great door and effectual is open.”
For God desires to take you places that “eyes have not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.”
Therefore, I pose this question to you do you love Him? Then how far are you willing to go with God when He orchestrates events and circumstances by altering the hearts of man for your enhancement, development, and mobility in the kingdom of His righteousness?
Are you going to allow fear and unbelief to keep you from seeing the incredible or receiving the impossible? Are you going to allow your inhibitions due to previous hang-ups keep you from stepping forward?
If not, then shake yourself off from the things that inhibit or obstruct your mobility and progression from entering in to the things God has prepared for you. For “It’s Time to Move Forward!” I’ve been here to long…I’ve been here to long between deficiency and destiny…
Getting to our text, the congregation of Israel is poised to enter the Promised Land. They were delivered from Egypt, rescued from oppression and domination of the enemy, just like many of us today, but yet have not entered into God’s best.
I wonder, how long is it going to take God to refine you, afflict you, and prepare you before you can be ushered by His spirit into your Promise Land? For the duration of time is determined by your submission and obedience to His purpose for you… therefore if been to long at that in-between stage, start yielding to the Potters touch. Can the Church say Amen?
Now God is about to offer Israel His best by the accessibility or openness of their faith. For God being