It’s Time To Shine
Matt. 5:13-16
Sermon Outline by Pastor Brad Rigney

What are some of the things Jesus’ sermon on the Mount teach us about living for Him?

Vs. 13-16; of Jesus’ sermon teaches us that we are to
others for Christ.
So how do we do this?

We are to be Salt, vs. 13
What is the purpose of Salt?

How is salt used? .

So what did Jesus mean by teaching that we are to Influence others by Being Salt?

We are to be Light, vs. 14-16
1. The Source of this Light, in order to be the Light
John 8:12;

2. The Nature of this Light,
- Nature of Function =
- Nature of Brightness =
- We have a function as the Light of the World to

- We also share in a Brightness beyond ourselves.

3. The Place of this Light?

4. The Purpose of this Light, vs. 16

What Time is it?

Is the Light of Christ in YOU? 1John 1:5-7

How can we Influence others for Christ?

Are you Salt to those in your Circle of Influence?
Are you Shining for Jesus?
Are you the Light of Christ to your Circle of Influence?

How can we collectively as a Church body be the Light of Christ to the World?

My Circle of Influence






It’s Time To Shine
Matt. 5:13-16

A. Eccl. 3 says that there is a Time for everything; to be born, time to die, to plant, to harvest; to weep, to laugh… to keep and to throw away…

Jesus teaches us that it is always time to believe and Live for Him!

Jesus in this Sermon, called the Sermon on the Mount, teaches those who have committed themselves to following Him. He teaches them what it means to follow Him:
- The Beattitudes, how our attitude should be.5:1-12
- A heart commitment, not just a legalistic act of obedience, 5:17-46
- How to Pray, 6:5-13
- Not to worry but make it your priority to Trust and Seek the Lord in all things. God will provide.6:19-33
- About Judging others instead of yourself.7:1-8
- Watching out for False Teachers 7:13-23
- And not just saying you trust in the Lord but actually putting into practice His Words. 7:24-27

B. Yet, part of this great Sermon of Jesus teaches us How we are to INFUENCE Others for Christ.

READ VS. 13-16

C. What do we learn about Living as a Disciple of Christ by Influencing Others?

A. We are to be Salt, vs. 13
- What purpose of Salt? It seasons, Perseveres – and it makes you Thirsty.
- How is salt used? By being placed directly on the meat.

- So what did Jesus mean by teaching that we are to Influence others by Being Salt?
* We need to be in direct contact, relationship with people who need to know Jesus in order to be effective.
* Our lives should make others Thirsty for God; it ought to add flavor to their lives as we share the love of God with them and our influence is about persevering life – eternal life through Jesus.

B. We are to be Light:
5. The Source