of this Light, in order to be the Light
John 8:12; “… Jesus spoke… I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”

So even though Jesus teaches that we are the Light of the World, vs. 14a We are only the Light as He, Himself is the Light within us!

We are really Reflections of the Light!

6. The Nature of this Light,
- Nature of Function = Dispels the Darkness, reveals, guides, is meant to be seen.
- Nature of Brightness = the passage shares two aspects regarding the brightness of light. The Single light that lights a House, vs. 15b Also the light of a city that cannot be hidden.
- We have a function as the Light of the World – to dispel darkness, reveal truth, guide people to Jesus.
- We also share in a Brightness beyond ourselves. As an individual we bring Light to our homes and families – but collectively, we are as bright as a City that cannot be Hidden. This is the Light of the Church.

7. The Place of this Light – This passage teaches us the places that the Light needs to shine: Vs. 14 – The World, A city on a hill; vs. 15 a house - everyone, vs. 16 before Men

We as the Light are not just meant to Shine within the walls of the Church facility – we are mean to Shine in our Homes, in our Cities, in our World to everyone, to all people!

8. The Purpose of this Light, vs. 16
That people might see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven. I.E. that others through our words and actions might see Jesus and so praise Him and draw closer to Him.

A. As we begin Penny Crusade – its so much more than just raising money for Missions – it is about reminding us that we are the Light of the World for Christ!

B. Ill> a story is told of a man whose job was to be on the railroad tracks and warn the trains with his light of upcoming troubles for the trains. One night the bridge up ahead was damaged. So as the train approached, the man showed his lamp but the train went right on by and into the ditch. The man was taken to court because they wanted to know why the train did not pay attention to the warning of danger for the train. The man was asked: “Were you on duty on the night that the train had the accident.” The man replied to the Judge – Yes. The Judge then asked did you have your lamp with you? The man replied, Yes Sir – So the Judge asked one more question; “Did you wave your lamp to show the train? The man once again, said yes. The man was not held responsible and dismissed. Later the man went home and told his friend, “I am glad the judge did not ask me if my Lamp was on.”

Is the Light of Christ on through YOU?

C. What time is it? It is time for you and me to SHINE for Christ! There is a Time for everything: A time for Summer and soon Fall; A time to work and to relax; a time to buy and to sell;
But you know what Time it is for all of Us – as individuals and as a Church? It is