Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
Text: Joshua 6:10-16,20
Title: Itís Time To Shout!

I. Donít Speak Doubt and Unbelief! (Watching what you say)

A. Joshua told the people to be quiet! Not to say a peep! Why? Because he knew their history! A history of griping and complaining! A history of murmuring against Moses and Aaron. And for 40 years the children of Israel making circles in the wilderness, and not experiencing the richness of the land that flowed with milk and honey. Jesus warned us about this when He said in Matthew 15:11, ďNot that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.Ē

B. You see folks; we need to watch what we say! We need to watch speaking doubt and unbelief into our situations! Church, we need to catch ourselves before we speak negatively on matters concerning the kingdom of God! Every single thought that the devil plants into your mind, trying to exalt itself (Making it seem larger than the Kingdom of God) you need to cast it down! Get control over your thoughts! What are you talking about Bobby? Well, when you have thoughts that are not lining up to the Word of God, you need to cast those thoughts down with the Word of God!

C. You see Church, its time for a turn around in your life! Its time to quit living in the land of Bondage, and start living in the land of milk and honey! Its time to stop living in the land of not enough, and start living in the land of more than enough! You see friend; God wants to bring a spiritual increase in your life! But you need to quit speaking doubt! Quit murmuring and complaining! Start praising God, become like a child, because Jesus said, ďOut of the lips of babes has the Lord ordained praise!Ē

D. DO you want to turn your situation around? Do you want to see the walls of defeat! The walls of insufficiency! The walls of spiritual stagnancy! The walls of murmuring! The walls of depression! Doubt! Unbelief! Crumble in your life? Start praising God! Start shouting to the Lord with a triumphal breath of praise!

i. This is what happened when Jesus entered Jerusalem! He ordains praise! Heís saying its OK to shout! Get the victory! The religious folk may call you radical, but thatís OK! Wave your hands! Clap your hands! SHOUT! I said Shout! Give your praises to the Lord this morning!

II. The Walls Will Come Down After The Shout

A. They were simply obedient to the Lord! They quit thinking negative, and started thinking positive! They quit thinking, ďWe canít take that city,Ē to thinking, ďThe walls are gonna come down.Ē In the name of Jesus, quit saying, ďNo I canít!Ē to ďYes I can!Ē
B. Israelís Borders were extended after the Shout!

i. Are you ready to extend our borders? Awe, here I go again! Are you ready to grow? Well, the Children of Israelís borders were extended after the walls fell! After the shout! Glory to God! Iím trying to tell you thatís why the Word of God tells