filled with the Holy Ghost. It is a choice. Despite all of the vicissitudes in life despite the changes you go through, despite the shifts in your season, despite your changes of fortune, despite life's ups and downs God has given you the power to withstand life's opposition and say no matter what goes on in my life I'm still going to rejoice.

Look at your neighbor and tell them, "I have heard the joyful sound."

Somebody sitting right next to you may be saying, " Oh Lord he we go again....they are fixing to start getting don't take all of that." But I beg to differ because...."When I think about Jesus and all that he's done for me????? Oh you know the rest!!!!

We must understand the difference between emotion and emotionalism. Emotion is when the Green Bay Packers make a big play on the field, and everybody gets up in excitement about what the players did. Emotionalism is when you get excited and jump up and there's nothing happening on the field and usually we tell people like that to "sit yourself down". We have a lot of emotionalism today where folks are getting excited about nothing. What we really need in the church today, is somebody to get excited about what God is doing in there lives and just go to rejoicing because they have heard the joyful sound.When you have heard the joyful sound you don't need and Hammond B3 to move you or the pounding of a Slingerland drum set to get you to dance....all you need to know is that because "God Did It" that because "God Is" that because " God Can" it legitimizes your emotion or praise....i.e. You have got a real reason to praise God don't ever let anybody tell you otherwise because God is something to get excited about.

As a matter of fact I don't know about you but this morning I have one of those "Can't Stop Praising His Name Attitudes"

When I think about the sound of the hammer striking the nails that were driven into the hands and feet of Jesus. I Can't Stop Praising His Name!

When I think about the sound of Jesus’ last words on the Cross when he shouted, “It is finished”. I Can't Stop Praising His Name!

When I think about the sound of the Holy Spirit as He entered in the Upper Room on the Day of Pentecost and filled those who were in that room with the Holy Ghost! I Can't Stop Praising His Name!

Our text say's, "Blessed are those people who know the joyful sound".

When I think about sound of perfect peace in the midst of my storms. I Can't Stop Praising His Name!

The Joyful Sound is the sound of the Gospel the Good News that proclaims the Power of God unto Salvation. It is this Joyful Sound that causes rejoicing in our sanctified souls.

The Joyful Sound is the fact of knowing that Jesus Christ was triumphant when He gained victory over death, hell, and the grave!

The Joyful Sound is the sound of victory after the long struggle He endured in overcoming the world and making a show of it openly, destroying the power of death