here today, will He find fruit?

Fruit that can only come by the Holy Spirit?

If you have no fruit, you do not have the Holy Spirit.

If you have the Holy Spirit, then you will have fruit.

The Pharisees and Sadducees had this problem.

They had the appearance on the outside of bearers of fruit, but when examined, they were nothing but leaves.

All for show, no fruit.

Jesus expects fruit from His people.

As the parable of the servants goes, the master gave to each and expected a profit upon his return.

When you accept the Lord, He gives you the promise of the Father in heaven, which is the Holy Spirit.

What are you doing with that Holy Spirit?

He has trusted you with it, upon His return; will He find fruit in you?

Or like the wicked servant from the parable, are you going to bury (or take to the grave) what God has given you to use in life?

Returning to him what he had given you?


c. He cursed the fruitless tree

The Lord cursed the tree because it should have had fruit, but did not.

The tree had rejected the will of the Lord.

The Lordís will was to find fruit, and there was none.

If we take a moment to examine our lives, are we too rejecting the will of the Lord?

When we reject the Lordís will, we are essentially rejecting Him.

Jesus Himself said, ďIf you love me, you will obey my commandsĒ.

Which is the will of the Father in heaven.

When we do not obey Godís will, we reject the Lord, just as the Pharisees and Sadducees did.

d. Upon the rejection of Christ, it immediately began to whither

Upon rejecting Christ, and because no fruit was found upon examination, the tree was cursed and withered.

The day is coming, and will soon be here when we will be examined by our Lord.

Will He find fruit in you?

Are you using what God gave you in this life to serve Him?

Every ability, every skill, everything you own, have, receive, or are going to get, comes ONLY by the hand of God.

Therefore, should what belongs to Him be used for His glory?

Thereís so much talk about tithe, and we will be doing a series soon about tithing.

But bottom line, remember Zacchaeus from our sermon last week?

The minimum required of him to repay those he may have cheated, according to Levitical law which comes straight from the Word of God, he was only required to pay back what he took plus 1/5th.

But because his heart was changed, and he accepted the Lord and was moved by the Holy Spirit, he chose to do what was GREATER, not the least that was required.

Not the least that was required, but the MOST he could possibly do!

Instead of 1/5th he said he would pay back the greater amount of 4 times!

Do you realize that was 20 times as much as what God required????

Not doing the LEAST he could do for the Lord, but the MOST he could do.

We need to have that attitude, especially when it comes to the things that belong to the Lord.

Jesus said, when someone asks for your