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Nazareth, his hometown, after doing great things in other places he was met with hostility and disbelief. And not just from his home community but from his home. His family didnít understand him.
They literally thought he was crazy. They thought he was an embarrassment. They thought he was too eccentric like his cousin, John the Baptist.

Sometimes when God moves in your life in special ways donít expect everybody to understand. Everything ainít meant for everybody to get. Thatís why Iíve said before that you canít tell everybody everything. There are people in your family, they are people in your friendship circle who donít mean you no harm but they can still do you harm,

And you cannot afford to sacrifice your conviction, your joy, your decision, because of somebody else lack of understanding. You must be prepared to let nothing, including approval or disapproval separate you from that which God has given you. If you donít understand my vision thatís fine, you donít have to, God didnít give it to you, he gave it to me.

And unfortunately sometimes itís after the fact that we appreciate and realize what a person stood for or tried to teach us. James had been one of those who rejected Jesus but now after the fact he realized all that Jesus stood for. He came to understand the nature of Christ work.

And more than likely he regretted that he hadnít done more to support his big brother. And now that Jesus is dead he may have felt it was too late - that his opportunities for service and ministry have passed him by. But according to the scriptures Jesus hung around long enough for James to see him, for James to touch him, for James to talk with him, Jesus hung around long enough to give James the assurance that it wasnít too late.

Jesus keeps hanging around to let us know itís never too late. Even now at our ages and stations in life, regardless of what youíve done or failed to do, itís not too late. As long as there is life there is hope, as long as there is breath in the body, and you can call on the name of Jesus, itís not too late. Now is still the acceptable time, today is still the day of salvation.

His grace is still sufficient.
His strength is still made perfect in weakness.
His arm of compassion has not been shortened.
His love has not been abated.
His mercy is still from everlasting to everlasting.
His blood still sanctifies.
His spirit still sets free.
His forgiveness is still stronger than any fault.
His peace still soothes my pain.

This day can be the first day of the rest of your life because Jesus is still hanging around.