Tonight we are going to see one of the most astounding claims ever made and that is that Jesus Christ is the very embodiment of God Himself.
Last week, our last verse we covered in John 14 was verse 7 which says, READ.
Tonight we pick it up there.

READ 8. Philip’s request was, “show us the Father.” He was requesting a visible sight of God. Jesus had been discussing the fact that He was returning to the Father and that the disciples couldn’t go with Him, at least not now. Philip’s request shows how the disciples interpreted His words. They thought Jesus meant that He was going to some mountaintop or some other quiet place to meet God face to face just as great men of God had done in the past.

They remembered this happening with Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Elijah, Isaiah and Ezekiel. Philip wanted to go with Jesus to see the Father as well.

He felt that a dramatic experience with God—like seeing God—would calm their troubled hearts and solve their problems—problems like strife and division, betrayal and desertion, denial, and simple misunderstanding.

Here’s a thought. Note the emphasis on the dramatic experience, that is, on seeking the spectacular and the dazzling. They focused on the physical and visible—some sign that God actually exists. Are people today much different? Yes! So many demand the spectacular in order to believe. They think that once they have had a dazzling sight of God then their peace will come, their problems will be solved, they will believe and serve God, they will change and start doing right.
But does it happen?

Philip wasn’t satisfied with what he saw in Jesus. Walking by faith was not enough. He wanted to see some spectacular Person who appeared in dazzling form. Jesus only appeared in human form. He wasn’t in a spectacular form or vision as men of old had seen and as men usually think of God. Jesus was merely human. Philip wanted more than what Jesus was.

And I think there are some in this world today that say, “Jesus is not enough.” They, too see Jesus as a mere man and nothing more. Such people walk through life being blind to the great love of God.

READ 9. Jesus again announces the revelation that He is the full embodiment of God. So when we look at Jesus, we see the very nature, character, and substance of God. Jesus Christ is not the same Person as God the Father, but He has the same perfect nature. So the person who has seen Jesus has seen the Father in all His fullness. That person has seen in Jesus the very embodiment of perfection.

Note the emphasis is upon God AS FATHER. Just like an earthly father, God is not distant and far off. God didn’t create and wind up the world and leave it to run on its own. As Father, God is exactly as Jesus showed us…
• Loving and just.
• Giving and helpful.
• Full of goodness and truth.
• Forgiving