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Jesus Wept, Again

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Oct 27, 2006
Denomination: Baptist
Audience: Adults

Summary: Palm Sunday Message of the second recorded time Jesus wept.

Palm Sunday

“Jesus Wept, Again”

Luke 19:29-38


I. The Way Of Jesus (v. Lk 29-38)

II. The Wonder Of Jesus (v. Jn 12-16)

III. The Weeping Of Jesus (v. Lk 39-43)

I. Jesus’ Means Of Transportation (v. Lk 29-38)

A. The Lord Sends For Him (v.29-31)

B. The Lord Needs Him (v.32-34)

C. The Lord Glories In Him (v.35-38)

II. Jesus’ Means Of Triumphant Entry (v. Jn 12-16)

A. Worship That Would Not Happen (v.12-13)

B. Words That Would Not Hasten (v.14-15)

C. Wounds That Would Not Heal (v.16)

III. Jesus’ Means Of Torment (v. Lk 39-43)

A. Satan Wants To Stop The Worship (v.39-40)

B. The Savior Wants To Save The World (v41-42)

C. Sin Will Stop God’s Will (v.43)


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