Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
- Is not life a journey from life to death?
- Not death to life?

- Over the years a continuous story to the grandkids
- They like it because they are the central character in my story
- Everyone likes a story that why we like movies
- Books Published In The U.S.
• In 2003 - 300,000.
• In 2007.- 411,422
• In 2009.- 1,052,803
• In 2011.- 3,000,000
• In 2012 - 15,000,000
- Google estimates that in 2010, there were 129,864,880 books in existence.
- Which means that the total number of books that could be published in 2012 is more than 1/10 of all the books in existence.
- We love stories
- Follow Ab. story & his tests
• Tested in his family by his father Ge.11:27–32),
• By his nephew Lot Ge.13
• By his wife Ge.16
• by conflict between Ishmael & Isaac Ge. 21
• By the love for his son Ge.22:2
- “The Binding of Isaac,” usually told from Abraham’s perspective, is a display of his great faith.
- What is Isaac’s perspective?
- Genesis 22, is not just Isaac’s story; it is the story of all of us.

1. Life Is An Uncertain Journey (Gen. 22:1–8).
- On June 15, 1957, a new gold and white 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe was buried in a time capsule in downtown Tulsa, OK
- Was opened in 2007 to celebrate Oklahoma's - Centennial as a state,
- They had high hopes. The time capsule had leaked
- The car was in four feet of standing water.
- Most of its contents were ruined revealing a hulk of rust with rotting upholstery, collapsed suspension and flat tires
- Items buried with the car included jugs of leaded gasoline, and a change of oil.
- There was documentation for a savings account valued at $100 in 1957, which has now appreciated to a little over a $1000 dollars
- Talk about their plans all to nothing

- Life Is Uncertain
Story of the Bible is all about a journey
• Ab. from Ur to a land that God would show– Ge. 12:1
• Joseph from favorite to slave, prison, to 2nd in the land
• Israel wanting freedom to wandering and the battle for the land
• Daniel from captive to 2nd in the land then lions den
- Isaac was on a journey.
- Three days of father son bounding
- There was much he didn’t understand.
- He was clueless as to what awaited him.
- Where will our journey lead?
- So much uncertainty.
- “No man knows…”

2. Death Appears Certain (Gen. 22:9–10).
- Jonah thrown into the sea
- Peter & disciples in the storm “Lord same me”
- Isaac’s disbelief, horror in this scene.
1. How old was Isaac?
- Note v.5, v. 12
- He was younger than the servants
- Old enough to carry fire wood that would consume him
- Maybe 18-20
2. Did his father surprise him?
3. Did Isaac resist?
- Now Isaac is bound, the knife raised…
- Such is the position of every man and woman on earth.
- Death is coming