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Sermon Brief
Date Written: June 1, 2013
Date Preached: June 2, 2013
Where Preached: OPBC (AM)
Sermon Details:
Series Title: A Series on Stewardship
Sermon Title: Just what IS True Biblical Stewardship?
Sermon Text: Colossians 1:9-14 [HCSB]
What is true biblical stewardship? When you hear the word ‘stewardship’ what thought jumps into your mind? What do you THINK about when you hear it?

We can see some views of this word in the world around us… when it comes to Biblical Stewardship!

World’s View: Stewardship is the church trying to butt into MY business and MY life!
Cynical View: Stewardship is just a ‘code word’ the preacher uses to try to get more of MY money!
Typical Church Mbr View: Stewardship!? Oh, brother, here we go again, the preacher is going to try to make me feel guilty about MY money!

What is the Biblical view of stewardship? Well, in a general sense, Stewardship from the perspective of the Bible is: mnging resources God gives for His kingdom!

Resources is an important term in this broad definition of true biblical stewardship! But pastor, when you say ‘resources’ what you REALLY mean is money, right?

Well the fact of the matter is that while the term ‘resources’ does INCLUDE money, it is only a fraction of the meaning of true stewardship!

When I talk about the resources God gives us and how we should use them for HIS Kingdom… it means for us to take our Time, Talent and Treasure and glorify God by spreading His word and glorifying His name!

Stewardship is NOT just about money, but true biblical stewardship encompasses the ENTIRE life of the believer… there is NOT one part of a believer’s life that is NOT a resource that God has provided…

For us to believe that biblical stewardship is only about money is a severely limited vision of God and what our focus must be in God’s Kingdom!

You see true biblical stewardship has a foundation that UNLESS your life is built on this foundation, you will NEVER be able to become the true steward you are called to become in Christ!

However, before we explore the foundation of biblical stewardship, let’s look at the foundation of a TRUE believer. That foundation is FIRST and foremost Jesus Christ! ALL believers begin with Jesus!

You simply cannot become a ‘godly’ steward unless you have a foundation in Christ Jesus – You MUST know Christ as Lord and Savior before you can be a true biblical steward of His resources!

Now the foundation for True Biblical Stewardship is very simple, yet very profound! It actually goes counter to what humans believe AND it is counter to what our society believes and teaches in America!

In America…we want to believe that we EARN and OWN what we work for! That is the American way…work hard and you can have a piece of the American dream!

But the foundation for True Biblical Stewardship