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Intro: The word “conscience” is found 31X in the KJB. Contrary to popular belief, conscience is not always the voice of God in man because it can either be a good or bad guide. Conscience can serve as a warning system to man. Like physical pain, which warns of damage to the body, the conscience can warn of damage to the soul! We shall study seven kinds of conscience found in the Bible.

1. AN EVIL CONSCIENCE (Heb. 10:22; I Tim. 4:2)
A. Not all consciences are good. In fact, since the fall of Adam and Eve, man’s conscience has become corrupt.
B. Paul’s description of an unconverted man is found in Eph. 4:18. Spiritual blindness is worse and curable only by Jesus – Light of the world. Let us be wary of our old nature and pray daily for deliverance from an evil conscience.

A. Such conscience gives man knowledge of God’s law but does not empower him to choose good from evil.
B. This conscience may either lead one to be sorry for his sins and repent, or excuse and justify himself without repenting. The story of the woman caught in adultery in John 8:1-11 is a clear demonstration of conscience brought under conviction without repentance on the part of accusers.

A. Such conscience has been transformed from that of being evil and convicted to that of being enlightened by God’s word (Psa. 19:8). It is a conscience that rejects evil.
B. A purged conscience no longer dwells on moral filthiness. It acts like a “filter” of evil for the soul.

A. Such conscience is the product of a renewed, converted and purged conscience. It instructs and guides us to live more godly and perfectly in the center of God’s will.
B. It helps us to truly love and serve the Lord. You cannot have this conscience if God is not first in your life.

5. A WEAK CONSCIENCE (I Cor. 8:10)
A. This conscience is usually found among new converts or immature Christians and even among legalistic religionists like the Pharisees and scribes of Jesus’ time.
B. People with this kind of conscience are easily offended over little shortcomings of others and tend to scold others for their failure to observe non-essential matters.
C. A weak conscience can be overcome by constant prayer, Bible study, and practicing obedience to God.

6. A GOOD CONSCIENCE (I Pet. 3:16)
A. All of God’s children should possess this kind of conscience for it enables them to willingly serve and obey Him. It is the opposite of a weak conscience. It is not easily offended and does not always find fault in fellowmen.
B. It is a conscience that remains zealous and hopeful in spite of accusations and persecutions by the wicked.

A. One of the highest goals in the Christian life is the attainment of spiritual maturity that is characterized by a conscience that is void of any offence before man and