Pile the kids in the car, hit the remote, garage door opens, and out you go on another drive. Grocery store. Hardware store. The bank. Costco. It is just a trip across town. Nothing exciting, just an every day trip. Kids either donít want to go, or they complain about going or they act bored out of their minds, for them, time is frozen still.

However, you extend that journey to an exotic location (letís say, Disney World) and there is a different kind of energy in the air, right? The kids are waiting for you in the car, they are more than happy to go and they cannot wait to arrive at the destination, they canít are eager to get on the plane. Family members forget to go to the bathroom before they leave home; they for get to pack necessary items; they put up with all kinds of inconvenience because the imagine how great it is going to be, other things fall by the way side. Everything changes, even the perception of time.

Here in our Scripture this morning we see this type of trip: A trip to an exotic location, Jerusalem. They have all been to Jerusalem before, but the meaning of this trip to Jerusalem is very different from any other trip to Jerusalem. The disciples know, and there is an anticipation in the air, that something big will happen with Jesus on this trip to Jerusalem. Understand, there is an electricity in the air, everyone is clued in that something is up.

See, in the first verse, verse 32, we see that the disciples are astonished and the others who were walking with them were afraid. The disciples are astonished, because they have been with Jesus for about three years, and now, finally, things are coming together, and for them, being the closest to Jesus, this means they will be prominent. It is like they got in on the ground floor of a start up company, they see themselves like the Google millionaires, they are so lucky, they can hardly believe it!

The people on the other hand, are afraid. They see no promise of rank and fame. They know that Jesus has had conflict with the Temple authorities in the past and these men are not friends of Jesus. They also believe, along with the disciples, that Jesus, being the promised Messiah, is going to Jerusalem to restore the glory of the throne of David, that Jesus will be enthroned in power Ė and that means confrontation with the current keepers of the throne, the Romans. They are afraid for themselves, their families, and for Jesus. Perhaps, even though Jesus is the Messiah, this is not the right time, maybe Jesus should wait. There are some who would love to see Jesus eliminated like John the Baptist was. The disciples hope for the best the people fear for the worst.

So with this excitement of the journey in the air, the disciples just canít hear what Jesus is saying in verses 33 and 34 when Jesus says in very plain terms, exactly what will happen to him in the very short future. It is quite stark that Jesus makes this vary powerful statement and there is no response form the disciples.