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Recently, with everything happening in our world, it makes us step back and take a theraputic deep breath and we are almost forced to ask ourselves, "Whatís the most imporant thing in my life." i.e. "Who is it thatís the most valuable to me."

Letís make a list: Family, finances, faith, how about the furture. Important, yes, most valuable, well, thatís another story.

Jesus Himself introduced to us all the consideration of the those things that are most valuable and what matters to the Kingdom of Heaven. Kingdom Values, letís examine them together!

Main Division

I. We Value Wealth, The Kingdom Values Wisdom (23-27)

II. We Value Position, The Kingdom Values Penance (28)

III. We Value Reputation, The Kingdom Values Relationship (29-31)

Conclusion: It isnít WHATíS most important but WHO!