Knowing God

John 14:7-11

Thought: Many people know alot about God and about scripture, but they fail to ever truly know God.

I. There is a difference between book knowledge and relational knowledge
A. The Pharisees were well versed in the Word, but were not close to
the author.
1. Many people today know alot about the Bible
- they know the stories
- they know what it says
- they can even argue theology
2. Knowledge of the Word is not a replacement for knowing
the author.

II. How does a person get to know God
A. The family introduction - “No man cometh unto the Father, but by
me” - vs. 6
- You meet God through His Son
- Jesus came to bring forth that intimate relationship
- Jesus revealed the nature of God
B. By talking and more importantly by listening
- It is impossible to get to know someone, if you never speak to
- By the same token, if you do all of the talking and none of the don’t hear
C. By spending time with God
- Study God’s word, learn the things that make Him angry, that
make Him joyful. Know that the Bible is a letter to you....don’t
read it as a book, it is a letter addressed to you. Hear God’s
voice as you read His words.
- Prayer - Worship His attributes, Reflect on past interactions,
Say you’re sorry for having hurt Him before, Ask Him to go
with you everywhere.
- Allow Him to lead you and work through you. Go where He
asks you to go.
II. Benefits of knowing God
A. The closest friend you’ll ever find
B. A true and trusted friend, who never leaves or forsakes
C. A guardian who watches out for you
D. A friend who will shoulder even your biggest burdens
E. Knowing God’s will for your life becomes easier
F. Source of strength when you are weak
G. Who better to hang out with, He can do anything