Sermon Series on Malachi #11
Last Words
Malachi 4:4-6

Introduction: these are the last three verses in the Old Testament this is Godís last words to Israel for the next 400 years. I want you to think for a little bit and if you knew that today was your last what would be your last words for your spouse, children, friends. I am sure it would be words of love and instruction. That is what God gives us here in these last few verses.

1. Remember the Law of Moses.
A. The Law of Moses was the written word of God in their time. For us obey the Word of God.
a. I donít understand the bible. Pray Psalm 119
b. The bible is our road map.
c. Donít know what God is telling you to do? Continue doing the last thing He told you to do.
d. You donít have to ask God what His will is concerning things in the scripture.

2. I will send you Elijah the prophet.
A. Luke 1:13-17 is the fulfillment of that prophecy.
B. He will remind you of the day of the Lord.
a. Notice great and dreadful. A verse 1-2 says the Son of Rightness shall be healing to the believer and an oven to the unbeliever.
C. Who appeared to Jesus on the mount of transfiguration?

3. He will restore all things. Verse 6
A. He will mend families together.
B. Jesus can restore your family if you let him.