The Church Has Got Talent (CHGT 01)
The Church Has the Only Message of Lasting Peace
John 14: 25-31

This morning I want to invite you to join me as we start a brand new mini series I have entitled "The Church has Got Talent." The Church is, by biblical account, by divine definition and by Holy Spirit impartation is the most gifted, anointed and talented group people who will find anywhere. This series is a celebration of that life and that richness that God has given the Church. America may well have talent. Britain may well have talent. The world may well have talent - but they have got nothing on the Church. You see, God made man, and gifted each one with talents, with abilities, with skills. But if God gifted mankind generally, then He did more so the Church specifically. What mankind is generally, is Church is that plus supernatural power, plus supernatural release, plus supernatural purpose. Allow me to say that again if you would - if God gifted mankind generally, then He did more so the Church specifically. So each week as a reminder of this profound truth, as we start the meeting I am going to play a short video that moved me showing the incredible talent He has given men in general or the church in specific. Watch this one as we start this morning.

Video from You Tube - Britain Has Got Talent - Paul Potts

I am unashamedly and unapologetically, irreversibly and irretractably committed to the organization or more accurately, the living organism that the Bible calls Ďthe Church.í It is the oldest living institution known to man, has survived every form of government ever invented and has out-loved and outlived its persecutors as well as its persecutions.Do you realize that the Church is Godís Sacrament of Love, Godís Covenant of Hope, Godís Promise of His Presence and Godís offer of Peace to our world? The Church remains the most profound theological statement that God has made, and that has been making, since Pentecost.The church is a theological statement - its alone understands the tenets of divine truth entrusted to it by God Himself.

The church is a social statement - it carries the mandate for effective society and successful family essential to the happiness of mankind.
The church is an economic statement - it holds the keys to unlocking the floodgates of heaven and constructing an economy that God can bless.
The church is a political statement - it holds government responsible for the basic governance and protection of all of mankind.
The church is a world statement - it holds nations accountable for the fair treatment of its citizens and the freedom of all people to love, live and worship.

The Church was never conceived to be just another voting block to be wooed by politicians - it was designed to be Godís primary source for love, truth, grace, mercy and peace in a broken world. Precious believers, the Church was given by God for society. It is the only organization that exists for the benefits of those who are