Learn From The Ants - Proverbs 6:6-8

Pro 6:6 Lazy people should learn a lesson from the way ants live.
Pro 6:7 They have no leader, chief, or ruler,
Pro 6:8 but they store up their food during the summer, getting ready for winter. (GNB)

Pro 6:6 You lazy people, you should watch what the ants do and learn from them.
Pro 6:7 Ants have no ruler, no boss, and no leader.
Pro 6:8 But in the summer, ants gather all of their food and save it. So when winter comes, there is plenty to eat. (ERV)

Pro 6:6 Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.
Pro 6:7 Without having any chief, officer, or ruler,
Pro 6:8 she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest. (ESV)

Let's learn something from the ants.

I. Learn Something From The Ants
II. Ant's Lifestyle
III. Ants Knows How To Save And Work On Summers

I. Learn Something From The Ants

These are for lazy people, now what a way to discourage listeners! It's not for all. But before you stop reading, read this, THIS IS FOR anyone who wants to excel in life.

What to learn from the ants: One look at the ants and you can tell the following: Ants are:
1. Hardworking

See them lined up on a daily basis. They work hard even on summers, broad daylight or everytime they have a chance to line up for food, they work.

2. Goal-oriented

They don't have anything on mind but to eat. They are goal-oriented. Determine the shortest line within the food from their house and expect them lining up to gather their food.

3. Patient

They are very patient. Just smudge or destroy their line wait for a while and here they are coming back again to the same position where they were before.

4. Consistent

Watch them daily as they line up for food. Where the food are, there they are, they don't make absences, they're not late, as soon as you wake up, they're there already working.

5. Disciplined

Though they don't have a leader, they are very disciplined in their work lifestyle. Talk about work ethics and you'll find them to excel on it. They are very disciplined. They don't stop to work for a nap or to sleep first before they work, you don't find them lying down, but they are constantly on the move, working, carrying food from here to there.

6. Unified

They don't break lines. They don't argue on the way. They stay focused on one thing: to gather enough food for all of them to eat. They unite in their goal, they are all unified reaching their quota of food; most probably for them and for their loved ones.

7. Knowlegeable where the food is.

Drop some sugar, wait for a while, and you'll see an ant, then it multiplies until moments later, you'll see a whole line of ants carrying that lump of sugar to their nest. They probably have the strongest sense of smell, but they sense where the food is, it's like a radar, they're zeroing on their target - to get food.

We know ants are just one creatures that can teach us, but there are lots