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I am giving God some of my leftover talent. I could easily work with the youth while being an advisor to the financial committee of the church. However, I am choosing not to do that because I want to do something else. I am giving God of my leftover talents. Although I am still fulfilling a need, I could also be using my best talent for service and I am not.

Another way in which we give God leftovers as it pertains to our talents is when we choose not to give our best. Maybe we are tired from a hard week or we are just in a blue mood, but for whatever reason we are not giving our best. Whenever we are doing anything and we are not giving our best, we are giving our leftovers. Our best is given when we are able to give it our full attention and focus. We know what needs to be done and we are giving it our all. When you evaluate what you are doing for Christ, are you giving Him your leftovers? Are their talents and gifts that you have that you are keeping to yourself because you just do not want to get involved in that area? Has God told you to do something and you are fighting against Him because it is not something that you really want to be involved in?

My final example for you to consider is our "unmet potential." This is a major area where we give God our leftovers. Let me help you grasp what I am saying. How many of you work a job and have received a promotion on your job because of your skill development and expertise? How many of you learned to cook in such a way that every meal that you make is good, even when you are just "throwing something together?" How many of you have a talent (or gift) that you are recognized for? Now here is the key question, how many of you were born with the talent or gift and you had to do nothing, absolutely nothing, to perfect it? No practicing, no schooling, no training, no nothing. What you have you have it all and you were born with it. You are so gifted that you do not have to do anything to maintain or improve your talent?

Not many of us fall into this category. Even the most gifted person at birth must do something to maintain or improve on their gifts. This is the one area where we really give God our leftover talents. We bring to the table what we currently have and we do nothing once we get there to improve. In my accountant example, if I had chosen to use my skills for the Church in some capacity, I could have potentially been giving God my leftovers. However, if I chose to do my best, go back and research taxes and finances as it pertained to not-for-profit entities, then I would be taking it to the next level. I would take what I have and add to it in order to be more effective in what I am doing for God. You see, when God looks at us, He see where we are, where He wants us to be and what it will take for us to get there. The problem come for us in the "what it takes to get there." We have no problem understanding where we are currently and no problem becoming what God wants us to be,