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Leftovers For God Part 2

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Aug 25, 2007

Summary: Giving God our leftover time and resources.

Not many of us fall into this category. Even the most gifted person at birth must do something to maintain or improve on their gifts. This is the one area where we really give God our leftover talents. We bring to the table what we currently have and we do nothing once we get there to improve. In my accountant example, if I had chosen to use my skills for the Church in some capacity, I could have potentially been giving God my leftovers. However, if I chose to do my best, go back and research taxes and finances as it pertained to not-for-profit entities, then I would be taking it to the next level. I would take what I have and add to it in order to be more effective in what I am doing for God. You see, when God looks at us, He see where we are, where He wants us to be and what it will take for us to get there. The problem come for us in the "what it takes to get there." We have no problem understanding where we are currently and no problem becoming what God wants us to be, but we do have a problem going through the process of getting there. We want God to accept us just as we are, and He does, but if you are going to work, He wants you at your best and meeting your full potential. If you are not seeking to improve on the skills you are currently using for God, you are not giving God your best, you are giving Him leftovers. If you are holding out on using your talents, your best talents, for whatever reason, you are giving God your leftovers.

I want to challenge each of you to pray about the skills you have that could be of use to this congregation. We have a few people doing a lot and our goal is to have everyone involved. If you are not sure if your talent can be used for the work of the God, please come and talk to me. I am sure we can find a way to use your talent. Also, if you are currently using one of your talents for God, are you using it to your best? Have you found ways to improve on it so that you may continue to grow. I truly believe that God expects our best. Maybe we should start expecting the best in others while giving our best.

Next week I will close with giving God our left over finances.

Talk about it...

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Thank you.