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Lesson: Virtuous Woman

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Apr 27, 2005
Denomination: Baptist
Audience: Adults

Summary: There have been two influential women in my life; my mother and my wife. They have the 11 characteristics given in this chapter.

A. INTRODUCTION (Proverbs 31:10-31)

There have been two influential women in my life; my mother and my wife. They have the 11 characteristics given in this chapter.


The 22 verses of the virtuous woman each begin with the successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet hence, “the A. B. C’s”. Using an alphabet was a form of teaching by rabbis. In these 22 verses are 11 characteristics of a virtuous woman. “The English word virtuous has a narrow meaning. The Hebrew word is wider, i.e. all moral qualities. Ruth is the only one called “virtuous” in the OT” (Ruth 3:11).


1. She will do . . . good” (v. 12). CHARACTER______ She does good to all--to her husband, children and others. She does

good because she is good.

a. Not good in herself. “None is good, save one, that is God” (Luke 18:19).

b. We become good in Christ’s righteousness.

c. We learn to do good works. “She (Mary) hath done a good work on me” (Mk. 14:6).

d. Definition of character: “Character is habitually doing the right thing in the right way.” - E. Towns

2. “She seeketh . . .” (v. 13).


A. A virtuous woman doesn’t just live for the present moment. She:

a. Knows what her family needs,

b. She thinks ahead,

c. She plans ahead. Those with no hope in the future are usually selfish, depressed, or callused.

3. “She worketh willingly” (v. 13). INDUSTRIOUS . She is a homemaker who will clean house, wash and do a thousand other jobs in the home. Young men should be warned against marrying a lazy woman.

4. “She riseth also while it is yet night” (v. 15). TIME-MANAGEMENT. There are so many requirements upon a wife or mother that she must use her time wisely. Since time is money and time is life . . . those who use their time best . . . get the most out of life.

5. “She giveth meat to her household” (v. 15). PROVIDER. A great mother/wife always can do more with less money. She can make better meals, provide better clothes, and make the house better --with less money.

6.“She considereth” (v. 16). DECISION-MAKING.

“Life is making decisions and making them work” - J. Falwell. All woman are faced with many choices, those who make the best decisions have the best life.

a. Define your problem clearly.

b. Gather as much information as you can.

c. Determine all the possible solutions.

d. Relate biblical principles to the problem.

e. Choose the best solution to your problem.


Woman Problem Scripture Answer

Rebekah Barren Genesis 25:20 PRAYER

Ruth No husband Ruth


Eunice Unsaved husband II Tim. 1:5, 315


Bathsheba Son overlooked I Kings 1:11


7. “She girdeth her loins” (v. 17). STATEMENT. It is said, “Clothes make a woman.” NO! The clothes she wears and the way she wears them will reveal her character not make her character. “Whose adorning let it not be the outward adorning of plating of the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel, but let it be the hidden man of the heart . . . even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit” (I Peter 3:3,4).

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