Lessons from Joseph (NT)

(First preached on 25/12/2005)

Text: Matthew 1:18-25

Don’t get confused with OT Joseph and NT Joseph.
Cana of Galilee and Jesus’ cross – Joseph is not mentioned.
So, Joseph might have probably died in Jesus’ adulthood.

1. Righteous Man (v. 19)
Joseph had a right relationship with God.
According to the Law – Mary could have been in trouble.
He had could have even divorced her.

2. Faith (vv. 20-21, 23)
Joseph believed the Word of the LORD.
The righteous shall live by faith.

3. Obedience (v. 24)
Joseph obeyed the Word (commandment of the LORD unconditionally).
Mt. 2:13-14, 15; 2:19-23; Lk. 2:39.

4. He gave up his reputation (vv. 24-25)
Joseph esteemed God more than himself.
Lk. 1:56 – 3 months

5. Joseph gave up his physical needs to fulfill God’s will (v. 25)