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Last week we began to look at the topic: Lesson from the school of power. Let me quickly do a recap of what was said. In Lesson one we talked about the meaning of power, Lesson two, the sources of power, Lesson three the difference between authority and power. Lesson 4, talked about our marching order from the Lord Jesus Christ. Lesson 5 talked about anointing. This week, we shall continue with Lesson six which is the double portion anointing.

The mantle that came upon Elisha represents the anointing. Immediately it came upon him, the Bible says that he moved. There was no reluctance at all. It shows that the man had good relationship with his parents and neighbours. He gave them a bye-bye party to say thank you very much. The reason many people will not grow in the Lord is because they are still attached to their motherís apron strings. Elisha was not like that. He burned the bridges behind him and renounced his former life. This is the secret, beloved. If you carry the things of yesterday on your shoulder, there will be no double portion. Paul said, ďforgetting those things that are behind and looking forwardĒ One-Way to fall very quickly is to be looking at the back. Anybody who looks back still finds the old life exciting. Some people would say, ďif God does not answer me on time, I will go back into the world. The devil does not waste time finishing the account of such people so that they wonít have the opportunity to run back to the Lord.

You wonít see your tomorrow as far as you live in your yesterday. You should not allow one mistake that you made ten years ago to be ruling your life now. If you still continue that way, forget the anointing because you are a yesterday person. Recognize that Elisha had parents too, he had a job and labourers but he burnt the bridges behind him. Likewise God has called you from the world so there must be a difference. Believers do not go to worldly parties; they donít cook their food for them and do not eat their meat. We are supposed to be strange to them. Many believers donít want to look strange and the Bible says we are peculiar. They should look at you and see a difference. It is time for us to be making impact. The bible did not call us to come and live a quiet life. They were busy causing trouble all over the place for the enemy. They were acting according to the word of Jesus that says, ďIf you are driven away from one city, go to anotherĒ That is what the Bible says. But if you are afraid nothing will happen. When you received genuine power, you canít sit down, it is impossible. Somebody said that he received the Holy Spirit and now he is moving about like an old vehicle as if the Holy Spirit too has become old inside of him. No, something is wrong somewhere. The moment you get it, you cannot do without talking about Jesus, or without praying. It is going to be impossible. There must be a clear demarcation between the people of the word and the people of the world. Godís children must be Godís