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Letters Of Lament – Thoughts From Lamentations Chapter Five

INTRODUCTION: There are times when we all lament – or need to lament. There are times when we have walked down the wrong path – and have found at the end of it – a dead end. At the end of the road we cry out, “What have I done? How could I have been so foolish? How could I have been so stupid? How could I have NOT listened to my Father and followed His advice?” As you reach the dead end – you look back and reflect of what you have done to get you to that lifeless spot. You cry out in your desperation – you cry out in your foolishness – you cry out in your sorrow. The book of Lamentations is a book of crying out. In this chapter we find great truths – A God of justice – and A God of mercy.

v. 1 – Remember, O LORD, what has befallen us; Look, and see our reproach!

O Lord, in my affliction – remember what has fallen on me. There is nothing that You have handed out that I do not deserve. There is nothing that I have received that is unjust. For Your judgments are always righteous – as is Your chastisement. I stand ashamed. I am undone – before You.

v. 2 – Our inheritance has been turned over to strangers, Our houses to aliens.

The family heirlooms have been given to strangers. Those things that have remained in the family for years – have been handed out to anyone walking down the street. Our own houses that the family has lived in for generations – is gone. How can this be?

v. 3 – We have become orphans without a father, Our mothers are like widows.

I am fatherless – child without a home. My mother is a widow – cast out on the street. Where is my protection? Where is my help? Who will watch over me? Who will care for me? Is there no one? Am I all alone?

v. 4 – We have to pay for our drinking water, Our wood comes to us at a price.

Those things that should be offered for free – I now have to pay for. The water that I drink – the wood to warm my home – now comes at a price. I never had to pay for them before – but now – but now. All my sins come at a price. All my actions have consequences.

v. 5 – Our pursuers are at our necks; We are worn out, there is no rest for us.

Those who are chasing me – are ready to grab me by the neck. They are so close I can feel them breathing on it. I am worn out with worry – with running and with rushing. Will there ever be any rest for me?

v. 6 We have submitted to Egypt and Assyria to get enough bread.

I have been forced to go to my enemies for food. I have to beg them for bread to eat. If it weren’t for them – I would have starved to death.

v. 7 Our fathers sinned, and are no more; It is we who have borne their iniquities.

My father sinned – and do you see him hanging around. No! He died in his sinfulness. He is dead – gone – and buried. The sin of my father has been passed on to my generation.

v. 8 Slaves rule over us; There is no one to deliver us from their hand.