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Series: When Cultures Collide

Topic: Letting God Use Who You Are

June 9, 2002

Daniel 2:1-23

In the second year of his reign, King Nebuchadnezzar started having dreams that disturbed him deeply. He couldnít sleep. He called in all the Babylonian magicians, enchanters, sorcerers, and fortunetellers to interpret his dreams for him. When they came and lined up before the king, he said to them, "I had a dream that I canít get out of my mind. I canít sleep until I know what it means." Daniel 2:1-3 (TM)

Introduction: Weíre challenged in life to want to get the upper hand. To be in control; whether real or illusory.

We are tempted to hide truths, lie, and even resist dissemination of information; like current FBI/ CIA probe, in order to look good and be in control.

Who wants a manager who doesnít have an answer to the current marketing dilemma? Or, a financial advisor who fails to "guarantee" the future of a stock/ mutual fund? Or, an advisor who fails to perceive the future of present scenarios?

[Time June 10, 2002 p.45. Behavior: Pumping Up Your Past, by Jeffrey Kluger]

We want control, but God also wants control. This morning we look at a situation that arose with the king and how the advisors attempted to manipulate and misrepresent the facts in order to come out ahead. A misrepresentation that nearly ended in disaster had it not been for Danielís integrity in living a life of faith and being used by God.

Like Daniel, we can learn to let God use who we are

The fortunetellers, speaking in the Aramaic language, said, "Long live the king! Tell us the dream and we will interpret it."
The king answered the fortunetellers, "This is my decree: If you canít tell me both the dream itself and its interpretation, Iíll have you ripped to pieces, limb from limb, and your homes torn down. But if you tell me both the dream and its interpretation, Iíll lavish you with gifts and honors. So go to it: Tell me the dream and its interpretation."
They answered, "If it please your majesty, tell us the dream. Weíll give the interpretation."
But the king said, "I know what youíre up toĖ youíre just playing for time. You know youíre up a tree. You know that if you canít tell me my dream, youíre doomed. I see right through youĖ youíre going to cook up some fancy stories and confuse the issue until I change my mind. Nothing doing! First tell me the dream, then Iíll know that youíre on the up and up with the interpretation and not just blowing smoke in my eyes."
The fortunetellers said, "Nobody anywhere can do what you ask. And no king, great or small, has ever demanded anything like this from any magician, enchanter, or fortuneteller. What youíre asking is impossible unless some god or goddess should reveal itĖ and they donít hang around with people like us."
That set the king off. He lost his temper and ordered the whole company of Babylonian wise men killed. Daniel 2:4-13 (TM)