that Jesus drops the atom bomb that burns away all of the exterior show of righteousness and gets to the heart of the matter.

All of your obedience and goodness isn’t enough. Now comes the real manner in which you will come to Christ and be his disciple.

You have to sell out completely, count the possessions of this world as nothing, be willing to give up everything that you hold dear and surrender your life completely to Jesus, being willing to be spent and to spend you life doing his will and giving all that you are, all that you ever will be – and give it all away freely without asking for anything in return. WOW! WHAT A PRICE TO PAY TO BE JESUS’ DISCIPLE!

Now comes the eye of the needle that we must walk through with the Lord!

Some have said that the eye of the needle was a small opening in the wall to the city of Jerusalem that required a camel to be completely freed of all its burdens, placed on its knees and to pass through in such a manner to enter into the city.

Others have said that the eye of the needle referred to a very narrow passage between two cliffs of rock where it was nearly impossible for caravans of camel to pass without being robbed or murdered, but it was possible to make it through.

Others have said that through a minor interpretation error, the camel was not really a camel at all but a rope because the word for camel and the word for rope were very similar and used interchangeably at times. In this argument, the Lord was saying it is easier to thread a rope through the eye of a sewing needle than to enter Heaven as a rich man.

In any case, it seemed that the result was the same. It was something impossible for a man to do. Thank God, impossibilities to us are no challenge to God.

I am convinced that we must give ourselves completely to God, possessions, desires, wealth, dreams, and all that we are! If we give ourselves to him completely, without reservations, without excuses, then, and only then, can God perform the impossible and pass us through the eye of the needle into eternal life.

We must, like the camel, allow the Master to unburden our load and get down on our knees in submission to his will. Only in humbling ourselves before God can we enter into his presence.

We must hold on to his unchanging hand as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death and let the Holy Spirit lead us into all righteousness. He will build a hedge around us and keep from the enemy of our souls that will rob us of eternal life if we let him.

If the ways of righteousness are as narrow as the eye of a sewing needle and our self-righteousness lives are like a wire rope or a cable twisted together in ways that we can’t break free, it is the power of the Blood of Jesus that will free us, give us His righteousness and then make us ready to pass through the eye.

If you think about passing through the eye of a sewing needle, it gives a whole new perspective on the “straight way and narrow