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for love. The reality is that God places His love in our heart through the person of Jesus. Agape is love in itís highest form. It is the divine demonstration of love found only Christ and when that love invades a personís heart it sweeps all hatred, malice, deception and similar behaviors away.

Paul makes it abundantly clear, agape is a matter of personal choice not a matter of personal strength or of personal ability. It is a personal choice whether or not you will allow God to love through your life. No matter what is done to you allow Christ to love the world through you.

1. Your gifts are meaningless without love
The work of the Holy Spirit brings gifts into the lives of those who place their faith in Jesus. Those gifts are given so that we are able to serve Jesus not in our ability but with the ability he instills within us. We cannot serve Jesus to the level of His strength without having His love living within us.

2. Your life is pointless without love
Paul says that without love: I am nothing. In essence, if we do not possess the divine love of Christ within us, there is no point to our life. Just because you are breathing does not mean that you are really living. The sad fact is that far too many people settle for merely existing rather than living. If you do not have the love of Christ living within you, you are just existing and not really living.

3. Your efforts are fruitless without love
As Christians, we are called to bear fruit and show ourselves ready to serve Jesus whenever and wherever He sends us. The reality is that our efforts will never amount to anything more than just our human work without the power of Christís love as a driving force in our lives.

Are you living in the overflow of Christís love?

The Victory of Love (4-8)
Paul gives an exhaustive definition of agape love here and does so with an incredible eloquence that shows that Christís love is far more than just talk, it is action. Paul does not give us some long and dull definition of love but rather He gives us a formula for victorious living. As this comes together for Paul he seems to be asking an unstated question: How should a Christian behave?

1. Love is patient
The word that Paul uses here refers to the way we deal with people. Paul says that we are to suffer a long time with other people. No matter what the evil or injury committed against us. No matter how others have neglected or ignored us.

Are you living in the overflow of Christís love?

2. Love is kind
The word king means to show favor to others and move beyond hurt and injury. Paul shows that love is strength of grace that allows us to grant forgiveness.

3. Love does not envy
This is not having feelings against others because of what they have - spiritual gifts, position, abilities, possessions or anything else. Love is not begrudging but rather shares in the joys of others.

Are you living in the overflow of Christís love?

4. Love does not boast