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the world? We canít dwell in high places and live the low life.

If you are going to dwell with God, you must begin to walk up the mountain. Itís a hard climb sometimes because we all ďfall short of the Glory of GodĒ, but you have to keep on climbing.

A rock climber canít get halfway up the face of the cliff and decide to stop there. He is left hanging between reaching the top and safety or just waiting for the rope to break, allowing him to fall to his death. He may have to pick a different foothold or rest to regain his strength for the climb. He may have to even chip away at rock face to find a way to continue on, but he must reach the top or give up and go back to the ground where he started from. But giving up and going back is not an option for those who have received Jesus as their Savior. There is no place to go but upward for them.

If you are going to climb up to Godís holy hill and dwell with him you may have to face the hard times and take out your hammer, the Word of God, and chip away at that sin that is holding you back until God gives you the ďhandholdĒ or ďfootholdĒ to break the power of that thing! You have to reach the top! There is no stopping for long.

There can be no going back because the ground is no longer there. The ground that you started from is gone forever. You will never enjoy that old life as much again. You will never find peace or satisfaction in scratching around on the earth with a bunch of worldly chickens. You are destined to soar with the eagles on the mountaintop with God! The old friends may act like they care but they really donít. Youíll never find peace, joy and fulfillment in that old life on the ground, so keep on climbing. God will bring you to the top to dwell in his own tabernacle and live in his high places in the realm of the Spirit.

ďÖand worketh righteousnessÖĒ

Walking up the road to the high places in Christ require that we put forth a lot of effort to get there. Itís not a place that we just get to by accident or by default. Itís not a place where we get to by wishing it, or hoping for it, or wanting it, or believing we are going to get there without some action to make it happen. Getting into the high places in God and living in his continuous presence requires hard work, determination and total commitment.

How many of you would like to have a brand new car sitting out there in the parking lot just waiting for you to get in and take you wherever you wanted to go? Donít you just wish that it could be true? Donít you hope that one day you will see it happen? Do you really want that car? Do you believe you will see it and have it one day? Well friend, you can wish, hope, want, and believe for it all you want, but if you donít get out there, go to work, earn the money to pay for it and then search for it, sign for it, and then maintain it when you get it, you will never have it! Anything worth having is going to require work, effort, time and commitment