Lose Ends
Matthew 5:23-26

Good Morning Silver Creek and house guest,

Most of you know that we are continuing in a series about forgiveness. On Easter, we looked at how we can receive Godís forgiveness by asking God to forgive us and beginning the journey back into the direction of God. That Journey will lead us to the Best that God has planned for us instead of living our own way and under our own power.

The next week we talked about forgiving the person that we know the most dirt on, The one where we have watch them sin over and overÖ.ourselves, and how with Godís help we are allowed and even expected to forgive ourselves.

Then on our third discussion of the topic we looked at how we can forgive othersÖwhich starts by recognizing how much we have been forgiven by God and how we as we mature and move toward Godís best we become a little more like God Each day. And ultimately we are able to really forgive what others have done to us physically, emotionally and spiritually. I encouraged reconciliation but only if it was possible and only if it was safe.

I donít know about you but, I often need a reminder about how forgiveness works and I place a lot of weight on Jesusí descriptions.

In our series so far we have looked at forgiveness from three simple view points.
First how to get it.
Second how to accept it
and then how to give it.

But something is missingÖ.Personally, I believe that we have a loose end that has not been addressed.

That leads us to todayís topic Ė tying up loose ends.

So what is a loose end? The simple definition is unfinished business.

For most of us loose ends can be relatively trivial things. Most of them may not make or break any project however; a loose end can be an absolutely essential part of a project.

There are almost as many responses to a loose end as there are people in this world and there are always people that will sit at one extreme or another, but generally there is a dividing line. Those that are bothered by anything left undone and feel a little or a lot crazy until everything it all tied up and those that can let things slide and still sleep at night.

Our view of unfinished business can be modified by sources outside of ourselves. I am guessing that you all know the old proverb Ė ďNobody in the house is happy if momma is unhappy!Ē A person that is oblivious to loose ends around the house can be affected, influenced by what another person thinks is important.

Our understanding of forgiveness is the same way. It might be that a person can influence you; however, for our study today, let me clearly state that the influence I am talking about is an act of the Holy Spirit to focus our attention on the loose ends related to forgiveness.

The Holy Spirit can help us to notice things by influencing our opinion, our view, it might make us feel desire for healing, or loneliness, perhaps a little guilty.

Basically, as a member of Godís