in trouble. Instead of looking away and leaving you for dead, He too, picked you up and chose to take you just the way you were.

· He knew you were divorced!
· He knew you were a drinker
· He knew you were a womanizer
· He knew you had “pimples”
· He knew you were a sinner – but He loves you anyway.

God loved you so much that he proved it!

How is His love proved?

John 3:16

God did not only tell us that He loves us – He proved it when His only Son came to die for you. Christ came to where you were:
· Hospital Room
· On the Bar stool
· At the drug dealer’s house
· In your bed of depression
Christ came to were you were:
· When you were in pain
· When your feelings had been shattered
· When the one that you loved – walked away!

God loves you in spite of your:
Past – Pimples (flaws) – Problems!

He just wants you to come just as you are!

O how He loves you and me. O how He loves you and me.
He gave His live, what more could He give?
O how He loves you. O how He loves me.
O how He love you and me.