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A Study of the Book of Luke
Sermon # 13

ďLove Your EnemiesĒ
Luke 6:27-38

I have another childrenís book to share with you, and no, it not the only kind of book I read. I seem to find a lot of wisdom in them. In the childrenís book entitled, "Iíll Fix Anthony," the younger brother complains about the way his older brother Anthony treats him: "My brother Anthony can read books now, but he wonít read any books to me. He plays checkers with Bruce from his school. But when I want to play he says, "Go away or Iíll clobber you." I let him wear my Snoopy sweatshirt, but he never lets me borrow his sword. Mother says deep down in his heart Anthony loves me. Anthony says deep down in his heart he thinks I stink. Mother says deep deep down in his heart, where he doesnít even know it, Anthony loves me. Anthony says deep deep down in his heart he still thinks I stink. When Iím six Iíll fix Anthony Ö. Anthony is chasing me out of the playroom. He says I stink. He says he is going to clobber me. I have to run now, but I wonít have to run when Iím six. When Iím six, Iíll fix Anthony. [Judith Viorst, Iíll Fix Anthony. as quoted in illustrations = revenge]
The truth is that we as a society think often about revenge. Sometimes bumper stickers display what our real philosophy of life such as
Do unto others before they can do unto you.
I donít get mad I get even.
Keep honking I am reloading.
Caution I brake for tailgaters.
Please Tailgate I need the money.
To err is human, to forgive is out of the question.

Last week we noted how Jesus had come down to a level place and began giving the greatest sermon of all time. He looked directly at the disciples and began giving them the principles that would distinguish those who follow him. He gives a profile of what a disciple is to be. Those who follow Jesus must operate under a set of values opposite that of the world. The Lord explained that a blessed life was not found in ďgettingĒ or from ďdoingĒ but from ďbeing.Ē Now he continues with a much more radical counsel about how we are to respond to our enemies.
This message will have application to everyone present today because, difficult people are problem for everyone. It does matter how old you are or what gender, or your personality type because we all meet with difficult people. Certainly you cannot avoid them. When I say ďdifficult peopleĒ I am referring to those people who mistreat us, speak evil about us or who do us harm.

1. True Disciples Are to Love Their Enemies
(vv. 27-28, 32-35)
Looking his disciples right in the eye he declared in verses twenty-seven and twenty-eight, ďBut I say to you who hear: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, (28) bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you.
Jesus begins verse twenty-seven by saying ďBut I say to you who hear,Ē now to who is he referring. Of course