(adapted from Southeast Christian Church’s series: Living a Life of Integrity"0



INTRODUCTION: A. A truck driver is sitting in a crowded roadside diner ready to eat his lunch. It’s not
just any diner and any lunch. It’s his favorite diner on the road and his favorite lunch.
Just as the waitress brings the truck driver’s meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy,
and green beans to his table, a motorcycle gang swaggers in the door.
Most of them seat themselves at the table next to the truck driver but there’s not
room at that table for all of them. The gang members left standing turn to the truck
driver and bark, “Move! We want that table!”
The truck driver calmly says, “I haven’t finished my meal.” One of the motorcycle
toughs takes his dirty finger, swipes it through the mashed potatoes and gravy, sticks
his finger in his mouth and says, “Hey, not bad grub.” Another gang member takes
the trucker’s cup of coffee and slowly pours it over the remaining food on the plate
and snarls, “You’re finished now!”
The trucker stands, takes his napkin, wipes his mouth, walks to the cash register,
pays for his meal, and silently walks out the door. All the bikers are laughing now.
One of them says, “Ain’t much of a man, is he?” The waitress says, “And he’s not
much of a truck driver, either. He just backed his rig over your motorcycles.”
1. How do you react to people who make life difficult for you?

2. We all encounter people who are hard to live with.
--How do you treat the “jerks” in your life?

B. We have some direct instruction on this particular issue
1. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus raised the bar for those who followed Him.
a. Don’t resist an evil person.

b. Don’t try to get even.

c. Turn the other cheek.

2. Jesus taught His followers that they