In one movie some shipwrecked men are left drifting aimlessly on the ocean in a lifeboat. As the days pass under the scorching sun, their rations of food and fresh water give out. The men grow deliriously thirsty. One night while the others are asleep, one man ignores all the previous warnings and gulps down some salt water. He quickly dies. Ocean water contains seven times more salt than the human body can safely ingest. Drinking it, a person dehydrates because the kidneys demand extra water to flush out the overload of salt. The more salt water someone drinks, the thirstier he gets. He actually dies of thirst.

When we lust, we become like this man. We thirst desperately for something that looks like what we want. We donít realize, however, that itís precisely the opposite of what we really need. In fact, it can kill us!

As red-blooded, healthy Americans, we have that same savage struggle with lust. Non-Christians and Christians alike wrestle with it and its persistence in our lives. Some think that getting married will cause temptation to flee. It doesnít. Others have tried isolating themselves, but sensual temptation goes with them, fighting and clawing for attention and gratification. Not even being called into the ministry to do the Lordís work helps! Temptation is there, relentlessly pleading for satisfaction.

So how do we cope with moral temptation? How do we say no when lust screams yes?
Well, the Bible doesnít dodge tough issues. It offers us plain and achievable counsel that works! It promises hope, power, and assurance for those who are tired of losing the battle and living with guilt. Lust is never very far away. And just when you least expect it, there it is again!

Temptations come packaged in various shapes, sizes, and colors, but most of them fall into one of three categories: 1. Material Temptation - this is the lust for things Ė things that may be as large as a house or as small as a ring; as snazzy as a new car or as dull and dusty as a 200 year old dresser. 2. Personal Temptation - this is lust for status Ė special recognition. The status of fame, fortune, power, or authority. Having a title that makes heads turn, like "top executive" or "president" or "executive director" or even "doctor." 3. Sensual Temptation Ė this is lust for another person Ė the desire to have and enjoy the body of another, even though we know such pleasure is illegal and immoral. Today weíre going to limit our focus on lust on this third category. And even though weíll do that, donít think for a minute that this one area is all there is to temptation to lust. Sensuality is a large part of the battle, but it is by no means the whole story of the conflict within.

Letís plunge into the life of someone who faced it head-on. His name is Joseph. His storyís told in Genesis chapters 37 through 50. Turn with me to Genesis 39 beginning with verse 1, when lust paid the man an unexpected and unforgettable visit. Joseph became a trusted slave of a high-ranking