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Make Your Life Count
Focus: Life is short so make Godís best of it.
Function: The listener will make an assessment of their lives to re-align priorities as needed.

Most of us donít like to see money wasted. If someone inherits hundreds of thousands of dollars and blows it all in a few months or years, we think thatís irresponsible.

Jean-Philippe Bryk is a 43-year-old with a wife and two children. In 1995 he entered his local casino for the first time, just for fun, and won [about C$ 2000]. Since then he has lost about 1 million dollars. He says, "I neglected my family and friends. I lied to them and used them to get money. I blew my motherís inheritance. I lied to the banks. You do everything, anything, to get your fix." Heís now suing the casino for their responsibility.

Itís a shame all of that happens and I think governments are partly to blame as well. The truth for this man, however, is that his complusion has thrown his life way out of balance. In wasting his money, he has also wasted part of his life.

You see, each of us has something much much much more valuable than a million dollars. We have time. Ask most people dying of cancer whether theyíd rather have a million dollars or time. Theyíd rather have what youíve got.

You may have much or little. But even if you have a week, you have more than some people. How do you keep from gambling your time away?

A Nike commercial caption went, "Life is short! Just do it!" The question is, "What is íití?" If "it" is just bouncing around in new shoes, that doesnít seem like much.

The Psalm weíll look at today could have a caption something like Nikeís. But it might say, "Life is short, do it right."

Itís the only psalm attributed to Moses. He lived long but had some really hard experiences. In fact this is a lament -- things have not been going so good. It may well have been written during the desert years before he took on leadership. It may be a mid-life psalm. How did he turn it around to make his life count?

The first verses of the the psalm teach us to

1. Back up For a God-Perspective

Look in your Bibles at [vv 1-2]. If you want to find out what to do with your time, look to the one who is not time-bound. God is not a recent invention --heís been there from forever and will be around forever.

One reason I think people like the mountains is they seem old and steady -- something not easily removed. Yet God pre-dates them all.

If you are a believer, your home rests in the arms of God, not on this earth. Still, most of us rather enjoy it here. But C.S. Lewis has a timely reminder, "Our Father refreshes us on the journey with some pleasant inns, but will not encourage us to mistake them for home."

God is your true retreat. So when you ask "what is íití I should be doing?", the first step is to back up. Look through the eyes of the One who started it all.

As soon as we do that, little stuff matters less.