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Missing Jesus


Sermon shared by Ryan Daffron

June 2011
Summary: Every church can experience the fullness of Jesus by avoiding the ATTITUDES of those in Nazareth. For a video of the sermon - http://www.coasthillschurch.org/listen__watch.ihtml?id=602286&series=138&teaching=439&media=video
Denomination: *Other
Audience: Believer adults
About Sermon Contributor

Ryan Daffron

coast hills community church
Intro: ATTITUDES about life really impact a great degree in which we experience life – The control on a plane that keeps the plane on track is called “attitude”.

ILUSS: It is crazy how we all can have different attitudes about the same thing – it is what makes us unique and different, but collectively if we don’t have the same attitude it divides – MOVIES AND ATTITUDES ABOUT THEM

1. Return to me – seriously, a love story heart transplant movie…really
2. Twilight – teenage love story about vampires and abstinence…ok
3. Bridge over river Kwai – c’mon can’t say anything negative about this movie.
4. Regarding Henry – one of my fav. I cry every time-
5. Somewhere in time -

TRANS: We laugh now, but let’s not miss the point – if we as a church have a divided attitude about who Jesus is and what He can do then we as a church quite possibly could miss the fullness of what Jesus can/and I believe wants to do in and through this church collectively.


Nazareth had the perfect ingredients for a miraculous experience. They had the presence of Jesus with them. Jesus came home and undoubtedly had a plan for them, and we know that Jesus certainly had the power to do something amazing.
BUT – Jesus’s fullness was missed because of the attitudes his hometown had about Him.


Attitude #1 – Familiarity (Mark 6:1-4)
This attitude says – C’mon, I know Jesus we have known each other for a long time. The problem is we can get so familiar with Jesus that we miss Him all together.
• He’s the carpenter kid
• I’ve seen him grow up
• He is one of us – does he think he is better than us.
• We grew up in the same town, I remember when….
• SON of MARY – implies the crowd was questioning his birth (Who is his dad anyway?)
***The town’s physical knowledge of Jesus prohibited them from having a spiritual knowledge of him and their attitude was one of familiarity.
***As a church we can simply get to familiar with Jesus that we can miss His fullness.

Attitude #2– Offended (Mark 6:3b)
This attitude says – How dare Jesus say that to me? What right does He have? Jesus and I are cool as long as he doesn’t ask me for stuff. If he does then we have a problem.
• The town took offense to Him because of what he was teaching.
• Astonished - literally implies getting kicked in the stomach and loosing your breath.
• The Greek rendering of their questions about Jesus (vs 2-3) implies the question – “Aren’t we the same?”
• Most likely he was teaching - Mark 1:15
• Jesus was calling people to repentance, belief in the gospel, and this was too much for them.
***The town was offended because Jesus, who they treat as one of them, was calling them to a different life. They were offended because they refused to believe that Jesus was not one of them, but worthy to be praised.
***As a church we can become offended because Jesus in His word is calling us to a different life/lifestyle then what we have grown accustom to. So we grow uncomfortable and we get bent out of shape
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