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often carried in leather pouches that could be easily hidden.

Before coins with stamped values were introduced, the pieces of precious metal for transactions had to be weighed on a scale. Eventually pieces of metal were standardized, then stamped to designate their weight and value. Coins still had to be weighed, however, since their edges might have been trimmed or filed. Ancient coins often show other marks, indicating they may have been probed to assure their silver content.

The Greeks soon adapted the Persian and Babylonian coinage, portraying animals, natural objects and Greek gods on the coins-which were called drachmas (Greek for "handful"). Greek coins generally bore religious symbols. They may have been minted at pagan temples, which served as business centers for granting loans and receiving estates.

The only Jewish coin mentioned in the New Testament is the "widowís mite" or lepton. These were very small copper coins worth only a fraction of a penny by todayís standards. Yet, Jesus commended the poor widow who gave two mites to the Temple treasury, because "she out of her poverty put in all that she had, her whole livelihood" (Mark 12:44).

Seeing the transformation of how money could become a problem over the history of time. God forewarned his people the dangers of money and the control it could have over the individual and how easily it is to replace the love of God for the love of money or the possessions that it buys.

Money is the top three reasons for divorce, suicide or murder and for divisions in the church.

We will be looking at the instructions handed down by God through Moses to the Israelites then in Matthew we will see Jesus also instructing the people regarding money and the church

READ Deut 8

As I researched this sermon I had found the value in preaching messages regarding money and so in the near future I am preparing a sermon series on this topic. But today we will stay in these two books as we hear from God important truths regarding money.

In Deut. 8 God through Moses is saying, ďRemember the LordĒíí

What are they to rememberÖ

It was HE that led them through the desert and cared for them, verse 4 says their clothes did not wear out and their feet did not swell.

That through this time in the desert HE searched their heart, HE humbled them, and tested them. Why? because he enjoyed it, NO because he wanted to make them stronger.

They are also to remember that when they were hungry it was HE that fed them. Verse 15 said it was a thirsty and waterless land, but he fed them water from a rock, and manna from the sky, something no one else had ever heard of before. He wanted them to know that it is not the physical food that they ate that are important but the Spiritual Food that comes from His mouth that brings life.

God gives them 3 promises in this scripture reference if they remember HIM.
1. They will live
2. They will increase in numbers
3. They will enter and possess