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I am – I am who God says I am!”

2. Abundant _Provision_ by the Lord.
You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

Anoint head with oil – ceremony of honor – refreshing to a welcomed guest – brought relief, refreshing, modern equivalent – hot towels in first class at the end of the journey.

David saying – “abundant provision – well fed – but also refreshed/renewed
• “Is there anything to drink?” - my cup overflows
• Phenomenal picture that God gives us everything we need!
• Cup overflowing – How much is that? – more than I need!
• Therefore I have everything that I need physically / spiritually
• Spiritually God keeps my cup overflowing!

ILLUS: $1.75 for pop rip off – now refills – in travels – waiters / pitchers
The point is I don’t have to think! – I have more than enough!

Sometimes in life we look our cup – measure our capacity – “I’ve got to 4 appts. 2 calls have to return, problem with furnace, issue needs resolved…”
• OK I’ve got just enough for those things – everyone else forget it!
• And we live according to our capacity and not according to overflow
• God want you to serve Him according to the overflow not capacity!
• “No reason for you to serve me out of principle – interest enough!”
• “More than enough overflow to do what need to do.
• Our cups are to be OVERFLOWING!!

This should be the normal experience of the Christian life
• Abundant energy, strength, faith, overflowing capacity to meet the needs of life.

You say – “…but sometimes I’m not experiencing that!”
• That which quenches overflow – sin
• Problem is we excuse it as nerves, or tired, or under pressure…
• And if we want the overflow in our lives again – need to confess sin
• When sin is seen to be sin – blood of Christ cleanses – cups overflow
• But blood doesn’t cleanse excuses!

“Well, you know I’m just not an overflow kind of person”
• But can’t get away from fact – God wants us to serve out of overflow!

When you sense diminished capacity…
1. Confess sin that hinders Holy Spirits overflow – ask what’s blocking
2. Increase fellowship w/God – that helps overflow – time in Word – time in prayer, increased and focused time – 3 hr challenge

“That’s great for you – but not only not sitting at table – I kicked it over – went off on my enemies –
That’s great that you were feeling diminished and had to reach into your capacity – but not only am I not overflowing – I can’t even find my cup – broken on the floor!”

Look at this next part…
3. Abundant _Opportunity_ from the Lord.
6Surely goodness and love (mercy) will follow me all the days of my life,
• Doesn’t matter how far you are from the Lord – or how discouraged – if you’re one of His children – then you have this in your pocket – it can be in your life too
“Surely goodness and mercy…”
• Goodness = bounty / blessing
• Mercy = favor / loving kindness = Heb. “hesed” – 246 times OT.
• David’s favorite word to describe the attitude of God toward His children